Cocaine : Scientific and Social Dimensions (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

Cocaine : Scientific and Social Dimensions (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Chairman: J. G. Edwards.

Full Description

Cocaine: Scientific and Social Dimensions Chairman: Griffith Edwards 1992 The use of the psychoactive drug cocaine has a long and fascinating history. Although cocaine is not a new drug, its use and abuse have become matters of serious concern in a number of countries. Cocaine poses interesting problems for neurophysiologists and neuropharmacologists and there are important new data on the effects of cocaine on the brain (its initial site of action at the cellular level now appearing to be the dopamine transporter). This symposium brought together scientists and other scholars from a range of fields to review the latest scientific findings on cocaine in its various forms and to discuss the problems of treating cocaine abusers, by means of a range of strategies which include psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy - the latter based on current explanations of the powerful reinforcing effects of this drug. The participants also discussed the problems of formulating rational policies for dealing with the spread of cocaine abuse. The book includes chapters on the far-reaching toxic effects of cocaine, on the epidemiology and the economics of drug addiction, on the past and present use of cocaine in the USA and in South America, and on the moral issues raised by drug use and abuse. This book should appeal to an unusually wide range of specialists and also to non-specialist readers concerned about the increasing problems of drug dependence. Other Ciba Foundation Symposia: No. 152 The biology of nicotine dependence Chairman: L. L. Iversen 1990 ISBN 0 471 92688 4 No. 153 Steroids and neuronal activity Chairman: M. A. Simmonds 1990 ISBN 0 471 92689 2 No. 156 The childhood environment and adult disease Chairman: D. J. P. Barker 1991 ISBN 0 471 92957 3

Table of Contents

Cocaine in Perspective (G. Edwards).
Cocaine's History, Especially the American
Experience (D. Musto).
Epidemiological Research on Cocaine Use in
the USA (J. Anthony).
Cocaine Problems in the Coca-Growing
Countries of South America (J. Negrete).
Are There ``Casual Users'' of Cocaine?
(C. Kaplan, et al.).
Molecular Pharmacology of Cocaine: A Dopamine
Hypothesis and Its Implications (M. Kuhar).
The Neurobiology of Cocaine-Induced
Reinforcement (H. Fibiger, et al.).
How Toxic Is Cocaine?
(N. Benowitz).
Determinants of Cocaine Self-Administration
by Laboratory Animals (W. Woolverton).
Treatment of Cocaine Abuse: Pharmacotherapy
(H. Kleber).
Alternative Strategies (R. Jones).
The Economics of Drug Use and Abuse (A.
Drug Use and Abuse: The Ethical Issues (B.