European Review of Social Psychology -- Hardback

European Review of Social Psychology -- Hardback

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Full Description

This biannual series underlines the growing body of research in European social and personality psychology by reviewing and integrating important work. The emphasis is on the critical assessment of major areas of research, and of substantial individual programmes of research, as wella s on a wide range of topics and initiatives of contemporary interest and originality. The series will be of interest to advanced students and researchers in social psychology who will find the fact that arguments are developed, literature is reviewed and new theoretical ideas are set out in depth, of great use.


Mood-dependent selectivity in social cognition, Klaus Fiedler; positive-negative asymmetry in evaluations - the distinction between affective and informational negativity effects, Guido Peeters and Janusz Czapinski; frames of reference, judgement and preference, Joop van der Pligt and Els C.M.van Schie; consensus estimation in social context, Russell Spears and Anthony S.R.Manstead; is limited information-processing capacity the cause of social sterotyping?, Penelope J.Oakes and John C.Turner; social identity and intergroup differentiation processes, Ad van Knippenberg and Naomi Ellemers; a social psychology of reputation, Nicholas Emler; social identification, self-categorization and social influence, Dominic Abrams and Michael A.Hogg; majority and minority influence - a judgemental process analysis, Arie W.Kruglanski and Diane M.Mackie; explanations of social discrimination and the minimal group paradigm, Michael Diehl; affiliation and helping interactions within organizations - a critical analysis of the role of social support with regard to occupational stress, Bram Buunk; meeting the handicapped - a case for affect in social psychology, Wolfgang Heinemann.