Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) (3 SUB)

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Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) (3 SUB)

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Full Description

This work: includes a new chapter on logistic regression; discusses the design and analysis of random trials; explores the latest applications of sample size tables; and contains a new section on binomial distribution.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. An Introduction to Applied
Chapter 2. Statistical Inference for a
Single Proportion.
Chapter 3. Assessing Significance in a
Fourfold Table.
Chapter 4. Determining Sample Sizes Needed
to Detect a Difference Between Two
Chapter 5. How to Randomize.
Chapter 6. Comparative Studies:
Cross-Sectional, Naturalistic, or
Multinomial Sampling.
Chapter 7. Comparative Studies: Prospective
and Retrospective Sampling.
Chapter 8. Randomized Controlled Trials.
Chapter 9. The Comparison of Proportions
from Several Independent Samples.
Chapter 10. Combining Evidence from
Fourfold Tables.
Chapter 11. Logistic Regression.
Chapter 12. Poisson Regression.
Chapter 13. Analysis of Data from Matched
Chapter 14. Regression Models for Matched
Chapter 15. Analysis of Correlated Binary
Chapter 16. Missing Data.
Chapter 17. Misclassification Errors:
Effects, Control, and Adjustment.
Chapter 18. The Measurement of Inter-Rater
Chapter 19. The Standardization of Rates.
Appendix A. Numerical Tables.
Appendix B. The Basic Theory of Maximum
Likelihood Estimation.
Appendix C. Answers to Selected Problems.
Author Index.
Subject Index.