Defining Optimal Immunotherapies for Type 1 Diabetes (Novartis Foundation Symposium Series)

Defining Optimal Immunotherapies for Type 1 Diabetes (Novartis Foundation Symposium Series)

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Full Description

* This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date account of where we stand in immunological strategies for preventing or treating type 1 diabetes (T1D).* Brings together contributions from the leaders in the arena of clinical immunotherapy, not limited to the diabetes field exclusively, in order to delineate a road-map that would lead to future clinical trials.* The book integrates information from human and animal studies.* The book considers T1D within the broader context of autoimmune disease.* The format contains several discussions, which address specific questions and provides guidelines for future strategies and solutions for discovering a cure.

Table of Contents

Novartis Foundation Symposium on Defining
optimal immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes,
held at The Novartis Foundation, London, 11-12
July 2007
Editors: Gregory Bock (Organizer) and Jamie
This symposium is based on a proposal made by
Matthias von Herrath and Jeffrey Bluestone
Matthias von Herrath
Chair's introduction 1
Alan K. Foulis
Pancreatic pathology in type 1 diabetes in 2
Discussion 13
Daniel Pipeleers, Peter In 't Veld, Miriam
Pipeleers-Marichal and Frans Gorus
The β cell population in type 1 diabetes 19
Discussion 24
Peter Reifsnyder, William Schott, Darcy
Pomerleau, Mark D. Lessard, Brian W. Soper and
Edward H. Leiter
Bone marrow expressing a diabetes resistance 32
MHC class II allele: diabetes deviation by
chronic immune stimulation
Discussion 46
Damien Bresson and Matthias von Herrath
Resuscitating adaptive Tregs with combination 50
Discussion 60
Thomas W.H. Kay, Nadine L. Dudek, Kate Graham,
Eugene Estella, Eveline Angstetra, Mark D.
McKenzie, Jan Allison and Helen E. Thomas
Cytotoxic T cell mechanisms of β cell 68
destruction in non-obese diabetic mice
Discussion 78
Li Zhang, Roberto Gianani, Maki Nakayama, Edwin
Liu, Masakazu Kobayashi, Erin Baschal, Liping
Yu, Sunanda Babu, Abby Dawson, Kelly Johnson,
Mohamed Jahromi, Theresa Aly, Pamela Fain,
Jennifer Barker, Marian Rewers and George S.
Type 1 diabetes: chronic progressive 85
autoimmune disease
Discussion 94
Teodora Staeva
Current and past prevention and intervention 99
trials in type 1 diabetes
Discussion 109
Mark Peakman
CD8 and cytotoxic T cells in type 1 diabetes 113
Discussion 119
General discussion I 122
General discussion II 126
Pere Santamaria
Genetic and therapeutic control of 130
diabetogenic CD8+ T cells
Discussion 136
General discussion III 141
Frank Waldron-Lynch, Matthias von Herrath and
Kevan C. Herold
Towards a curative therapy in type 1 146
diabetes: remission of autoimmunity,
maintenance and augmentation of β cell
Discussion 155
Bart O. Roep
Immune markers of disease and therapeutic 159
intervention in type 1 diabetes
Discussion 171
Silvia Gregori, Manuela Battaglia and
Maria-Grazia Roncarolo
Re-establishing immune tolerance in type 1 174
diabetes via regulatory T cells
Discussion 183
Ezio Bonifacio, Anette Ziegler, Peter
Achenbach, Jennifer Barker and George S.
Translating mucosal antigen based prevention 187
of autoimmune diabetes to human
Discussion 199
Matthias von Herrath
Closing remarks 202
Index of contributors 204
Subject index 206