Confidentiality, Disclosure, and Data Access : Theory and Practical Applications for Statistical Agencies

Confidentiality, Disclosure, and Data Access : Theory and Practical Applications for Statistical Agencies

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Full Description

There is a fundamental tension at the heart of every statistical agency mission. Each is charged with collecting high quality data to inform the national policy and enable statistical research. This necessitates dissemination of both summary and micro data. Each is also charged with protecting the confidentiality of survey respondents. This often necessitates the blurring of the data to reduce the probability of the re-identification of individuals. The tradeoff dilemma, which could well be stated as protecting confidentiality (avoiding disclosure) but optimizing access, has become more complex as both technological advances and public perceptions have altered in an information age. Fortunately, statistical disclosure techniques have kept pace with these changes. This volume is intended to provide a review of state-of-the-art techniques that directly address these issues from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It provides a review of research in the area of confidentiality and statistical disclosure techniques. A major section of the book provides an overview of new advances in the field of both economic and demographic data in measuring disclosure risk and information loss. It also presents new information on the different approaches taken by statistical agencies in disseminating data - ranging from licensing agreements, to secure access and provides a new survey of what statistical disclosure techniques are used by statistical agencies around the world. This is complimented by a series of chapters on public perceptions of statistical agency actions, including the results of a new survey on business perceptions. The book concludes with a chapter on the challenges of technology to data protection.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           ix
Introduction 1 (16)
Disclosure Limitation Methods in Use: Results 17 (26)
of a Survey
Flora Felso
Jules Theeuwes
Gert. G. Wagner
Information Explosion 43 (32)
Latanya Sweeney
Disclosure Risk Assessment 75 (16)
Mark Elliot
Disclosure Control Methods and Information 91 (20)
Loss for Microdata
Josep Domingo-Ferrer
Vicenc Torra
A Quantitative Comparison of Disclosure 111(24)
Control Methods for Microdata
Josep Domingo-Ferrer
Vicenc Torra
Disclosure Limitation Methods and Information 135(32)
Loss for Tabular Data
George T. Duncan
Stephen E. Fienberg
Ramayya Krishnan
Rema Padman
Stephen F. Roehrig
Disclosure Risk for Tabular Economic Data 167(18)
Lawrence H. Cox
Nonperturbative Disclosure Control Methods 185(30)
for Tabular Data
Sarah Giessing
Disclosure Limitation in Longitudinal Linked 215(64)
John M. Abowd
Simon D. Woodcock
Licensing 279(18)
Marilyn M. Seastrom
Issues in the Establishment and Management of 297(18)
Secure Research Sites
Timothy Dunne
The Potential and Perils of Remote Access 315(26)
Michael Blakemore
Public Perceptions of Confidentiality and 341(30)
Attitudes Toward Data Sharing by Federal
Eleanor Singer
The Privacy Context of Survey Response: An 371(24)
Ethnographic Account
Eleanor R. Gerber
Business Perceptions of Confidentiality 395
Nick Greenia
J. Bradford Jensen
Julia Lane