Stories of Sickness (2ND)


Stories of Sickness (2ND)

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Full Description

Our personalities and our identities are intimately bound up with the stories that we tell to organize and to make sense of our lives. To understand the human meaning of illness, we therefore must turn to the stories we tell about illness, suffering, and medical care. Stories of Sickness explores the many dimensions of what illness means to the sufferers and to those around them, drawing on depictions of illness in great works of literature and in
non-fiction accounts. The exploration is primarily philosophical but incorporates approaches from literature and from the medical social sciences. When it was first published in 1987, Stories of Sickness helped to inaugurate a renewed interest in the importance of narrative studies in health care. For the Second
Edition the text has been thoroughly revised and significantly expanded. Four almost entirely new chapters have been added on the nature, complexities, and rigor of narrative ethics and how it is carried out. There is also an additional chapter on maladaptive ways of being sick that deals in greater depth with disability issues. Health care professionals, students of medicine and bioethics, and ordinary people coping with illness, no less than scholars in the health care humanities
and social sciences, will find much of value in this volume.


Introduction ; 1. Storytelling in Medicine ; 2. The Nature and Complexities of Narrative ; 3. Dimensions of Sickness ; 4. Sickness, Life Stories, and Self-Respect ; 5. Types of Stories about Sickness ; 6. Sick Roles: Practices and Life Plans ; 7. How Sickness Alters Experience ; 8. Sickness and Social Relations ; 9. Stories of Life with Disability ; 10. Maladaptive Ways of Being Sick ; 11. What is Narrative Ethics ; 12. How Does One Do Narrative Ethics ; 13. Rigor in Narrative Judgements ; 14. Ethics and the Life-Span Narrative ; 15. Conclusion: The Patient-Health Professional Relationship as a Narrative