Evolution on Planet Earth : The Impact of the Physical Environment

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Evolution on Planet Earth : The Impact of the Physical Environment

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Features original material solicited from the leading minds in evolutionary biology and geology today; Emphasizes the influence of massive geological forces - continental drift, etc.

Full Description

Driving evolution forward, the Earth's physical environment has challenged the very survival of organisms and ecosystems throughout the ages. With a fresh new perspective, Evolution on Planet Earth shows how these physical realities and hurdles shaped the primary phases of life on the planet. The book's thorough coverage also includes chapters on more proximate factors and paleoenvironmental events that influenced the diversity of life. A team of notable ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and paleontologists join forces to describe drifting continents, extinction events, and climate change -- important topics that continue to shape Earth's inhabitants to this very day. In a world where global change has become an international issue, this book provides a several billion-year evolutionary perspective on what the environment and environmental change means to life.


The Physical Setting for Early LifeAn Evolutionary Perspective of Nitrogen FixationThe Coupled Evolution of Life and Atmospheric OxygenChemistry of the Early OceansThe Role of Carbon Dioxide in Plant EvolutionSolar Energy and LifeCould Life Travel across Interplanetary Space?Genome Evolution and the Impact of the Physical EnvironmentThe Impact of Gravity on LifeGravity, the Atmosphere and the Evolution of Animal LocomotionEvolution and Low TemperaturesTemperature, Tectonics, and EvolutionThe Interplay of Physical and Biotic Factors in MacroevolutionThe Causes of Phanerozoic ExtinctionsDrifting Continents and Life on EarthLand-Sea Relations and Speciation in the Marine and Terrestrial RealmsTectonics, Climatic Change, and the Evolution of Mammalian EcosystemsIce Ages, Species Distributions, and EvolutionEnvironmental Variability and Its Impace on Adaptive Evolution, with Special Reference to Human OriginsThe Younger Dryas, Climatic Change, and the Beginnings of Agriculture The Physical Constraints on Extraterrestrial Life