Pasajes : Lengua (5TH)

Pasajes : Lengua (5TH)

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Full Description

The "Pasajes Series" is one of the most widely used and highly respected programs for intermediate Spanish courses in North America. As in previous editions, "Pasajes" is a multi-volume component program. "Pasajes, Fifth Edition", consists of three volumes - a review grammar, a cultural reader, and a literary reader - that are coordinated by theme and by language, chapter by chapter, across all three books. The result is a very flexible program that can be used in any combination and thus is easily adapted to suit a wide variety of instructors and intermediate courses. The fifth edition of "Pasajes" retains the flexible format that has proven successful in programs around the country, while offering a host of changes that keep the materials topical and current.


PrefaceBienvenidosCapitulo 1comentarEstrategias para la comunicacionLengua1. Gender and number of nouns2. Basic patterns of adjective agreement3. Equivalents of to be: ser, estar4. Subject pronouns and the present indicative5. Direct objectsPasaje culturalEnlaceCapitulo 2: La comunidad humanaDescribir y comentarLengua6. Impersonal se and passive se7. Indirect objects8. Sequence of object pronouns9. The imperfect indicative10. Reflexive structures11. Gustar and similar verbsEnlaceCapitulo 3 : Costumbres y tradicionesDescribir y comentarLengua12. Forms of the preterite13. Hacer in expressions of time14. Preterite/Imperfect contrast15. Relative pronouns: que, quienEnlaceCapitulo 4 : La familiaDescribir y comentarLengua16. Imperatives: Formal direct commands17. The subjunctive mood : Concept; forms of the present subjunctive18. Use of the subjunctive: Persuasion19. Imperatives: Informal direct commandsEnlaceCapitulo 5: Geografia, demografia, tecnologiaDescribir y comentarLengua20. More relative pronouns21. Positive, negative, and indefinite expressions22. Uses of the subjunctive: Certainty versus doubt; emotionEnlaceCapitulo 6: El hombre y la mujer en el mundo actualDescribir y comentarLengua23. Present perfect indicative24. Present perfect subjunctive25. Uses of the subjunctive: Adjective clausesEnlaceCapitulo 7: El mundo de los negociosDescribir y comentarLengua26. Review of the preterite27. Review of the uses of the subjunctive28. The past subjunctive: Concept; forms29. Use of subjunctive and indicative in adverbial clausesEnlaceCapitulo 8: Creencias e ideologiasDescribir y comentarLengua30. The subjunctive in adverbial clauses: Interdependence31. Por and para32. The process se33. Review of the subjunctive: An overviewEnlaceCapitulo 9: Los hispanos en los Estados UnidosDescribir y comentarLengua34. The passive voice35. Resultant state or condition versus passive voice36. No-fault se constructions37. A and en EnlaceCapitulo 10 : La salud y el bienestarDescribir y comentarLengua38. Future and conditional39. If clauses with simple tenses40. ComparisonsEnlaceCapitulo 11: La ley y la libertad individualDescribir y comentarLengua41. Other forms of the perfect indicative42. The perfect subjunctive43. More on the sequence of tensesEnlaceCapitulo 12: El trabajo y el ocioDescribir y comentarLengua 44. Review of verb forms45. Progressive forms46. Restrictions on the use of the --ndo formsEnlace