Melting Boundaries―Institutional Transformation in the Wider Europe


Melting Boundaries―Institutional Transformation in the Wider Europe

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1 Measuring Institutional Transformation(European Economic Integration from the Viewpoint of Institutional Economics;Formal and Informal Rules in Post‐Socialist Transformation;Balance Sheet and Prospect of EU Enlargement:A Great Success Story or the Last Nail in the Coffin of the EU? ほか)
2 The Wider Europe and Transformation in the Market Institutions(Market Integration on the Enlarged Internal Market;Monetary Convergence on the Road to European Monetary Union:Conceptual Issues for Eastern Europe;Banking Sector Structures in Central European Countries during Transition and the Influence of EU Enlargement ほか)
3 The Wider Europe in the Social and Regional Institutions(Post‐Socialist Transformation of Welfare and Tax Systems and the Issue of Performance in New EU Member States;Lagging “Social Europe”:Problems Related to the Social Dimensions of European Integration and Eastern Enlargements;EU Enlargement and European Environmental Governance ほか)