Culture,Creativity and Cities

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Culture,Creativity and Cities

  • 著者名:Emiko Kakiuchi/Xavier Greffe
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  • 水曜社(2015/04発売)
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Unhappy is a city which would hesitate to declare itself creative.
In recent years there has been extensive discussion of culture, creativity and cities, from many points of view. For some, culture mainly refers to arts, and for others, it is a set of values, references, and behaviors. For some, culture is a precondition for creativity, while for others it is a consequence.
Recognizing the importance of cultural creativity when cities are competing with each other on a global scale, this book reviews previous studies thoroughly and seeks to resolve fundamental issues. Cities are inherently creative environments, but not all cities are able to exploit their potential for creativity. In this work, we emphasize the role of culture as one of the driving forces for urban creativity and capacity building. Culture can be a part of cognitive capital, in the form of competence and knowledge, adaptability, capability for driving change, relational capital, and environmental capital. Culture distills and disseminates the ability to think in terms of projects, to make local actors self-confident, and to support their collective actions. The common point is the ability of culture to make local people creative.
This book will provide comprehensive information about creative cities and culture, in addition to detailed case studies of different approaches. We hope it will inspire scholars, practitioners, students, and all those who are interested in culture and creativity.

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