Atlas of Xenopus Development

Atlas of Xenopus Development

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Features: Describes the embryology of the anuran Xenopus; A unique collection of SEM, TEM and optical microscopy images.

Full Description

Developmental biology attracts scientists from many different areas of biology, and the amphibian Xenopus holds a special place among the organisms studied as a model of vertebrate development. Until now, no recently published atlas existed to aid researchers and students coming to the Xenopus embryo for the first time. The present book satisfies this need. With its synthesizing approach and its generous provision of beautiful scanning, transmission, and light microscopy images, this unique volume will be a standard reference not only for developmental biologists but for all students of embryology, histology, and comparative anatomy.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            v
Introduction 1 (1)
Xenopus Gametes 2 (7)
Fertilization 9 (4)
Cleavage 13(5)
Gastrulation 18(3)
Neurulation 21(4)
Organogenesis 25(3)
One-Day-Old Embryo 28(10)
Two-Day-Old Larva 38(8)
Three-Day-Old Larva 46(10)
Five-Day-Old Larva 56(38)
Microscopy Techniques 94(1)
Index for Figures 95