Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy : Basics, Trends and Applications (Lecture Notes in Physics Vol.601) (2003. XV, 345 p.)

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Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy : Basics, Trends and Applications (Lecture Notes in Physics Vol.601) (2003. XV, 345 p.)

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Full Description

Neutron spin echo (NSE) spectroscopy is the highest energy resolution neutron scattering technique available for examining a large area (in time and space) in condensed matter physics. This broad dynamic and spatial range is extensively exploited in the study of a wide range of scientific problems ranging from the dynamics of glasses, polymer melts, complex fluids and microemulsions to the elementary excitations in superfluid 4He and to ferromagnets and spin glasses. This book reviews the current status and future prospects in NSE spectroscopy describing the method, latest instrumentation and also the use of NSE in fundamental, hard- and soft-matter science. It provides first-hand information for researchers working in the fields touched by NSE. In addition, young researchers, PhD students and graduates interested in the method will obtain a comprehensive overview and guidelines to implementing the NSE technique.

Table of Contents

F. Mezei 1 (4)
Part I Basic Science and Technology
Fundamentals of Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy
F. Mezei 5 (10)
1 Principles of Neutron Spin Echo 8 (3)
2 Approximations, Resolution Effects and 11 (2)
Data Reduction
3 Magnetic Scattering Effects 13 (2)
Time-of-Flight Neutron Spin Echo: Present
B. Farago 15 (20)
1 Time-of-Flight Neutron Spin Echo 20 (10)
2 A Practical Example 30 (1)
3 Perspectives and Limitations 31 (4)
Wide Angle Neutron Spin Echo and
Time-of-Flight Spectrometer
C. Pappas, A. Triolo, F. Mezei, R. 35 (13)
Kischnik, C. Kali
1 General Description of the Spectrometer 36 (1)
- Time-of-Flight Configuration
2 Neutron Spin Echo Configuration 37 (6)
3 Neutron Optics 43 (1)
4 Combination of NSE and TOF: Deuterated 44 (4)
Atactic Polypropylene
Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer at B.A.R.C.
S.L. Chaplot, R. Mittal, K.N. Prabhatasree 48 (8)
1 Instrument Design 48 (3)
2 Neutron Polarization Changes 51 (1)
3 Neutron Spin Echo 52 (4)
Compact Neutron Spin Echo Device with Foil
Spin Flippers
V. T. Lebedev, Gy. T  , G.P. Gordeev 56 (9)
1 Compact Neutron Spin Echo Unit 57 (3)
2 Neutron Spin Echo Focusing 60 (3)
3 Quasielastic Scattering from Water 63 (2)
Modified Neutron Spin Echo with Spectrum
Specific Feature and Applications
V. T. Lebedev, G.P. Gordeev, Gy. T   65 (9)
1 Modified Neutron Spin Echo 65 (4)
2 Main Spectrometer Specifications 69 (1)
3 Dynamics of Magnetic Flux 70 (4)
Inhomogeneities in Y-Ba-Cu-O Ceramics
Neutron Resonance Spin Echo - Triple Axis
Spectrometry (NRSE-TAS)
T. Keller, B. Keimer, K. Habicht, R. Golub, 74 (13)
F. Mezei
1 Basic Principles of Spin Echo Phonon 76 (5)
2 The NRSE-TAS at BENSC Berlin 81 (6)
Elastic Neutron Scattering Measurements Using
Larmor Precession of Polarized Neutrons
M. Th. Rekveldt, W. G. Bouwman, W.H. Kraan,
O. Uca, S. V. Grigoriev,
K. Habicht, T. Keller 87 (13)
1 Angle and/or Wavelength Encoding with 88 (7)
Larmor Precession
2 SESANS 95 (2)
3 High Resolution Larmor Diffraction 97 (3)
Technical Aspects of Larmor Precession with
Inclined Front and End Faces
M. Th. Rekveldt, W. G. Bouwman, W.H. Kraan,
O. Uca, S. V. Grigoriev, R. Kreuger 100
1 Options to Realize Inclined Faces 100(8)
2 Technical Details for Homogeneous Field 108(8)
Line Integrals
Space-Time View of Neutron Spin Echo,
Correlation Functions and Phonon Focusing
K. Habicht, R. Golub, R. GShler, T. Keller 116(17)
1 Treatment of Inelastic Scattering Spin 117(3)
Echo by Larmor Precession
2 Quantum Mechanical Treatment of NSE and 120(3)
Inelastic Scattering
3 Semi-classical (Ray Tracing) Discussion 123(2)
of Inelastic Scattering NSE
4 Phonon Focusing 125(3)
5 Phonon Focusing in the Space-Time View 128(5)
Neutron Spin Echo as a Quantum Interference
H. Rauch, M. Suda 133(9)
1 Basic Formulation 134(2)
2 Spin Echo `Quasi-Distribution' Functions 136(6)
Neutron Speed Echo Spectroscopy
A. Ioffe 142(23)
1 NSE as an Interference Phenomenon 143(4)
2 Modulation of the Spectra by Two Moving 147(3)
Diffraction Gratings
3 Neutron Speed Echo Spectrometer 150(2)
4 The Limit of Geometric Optics 152(2)
5 Space-Time Description of a Neutron 154(2)
Speed Echo Spectrometer
6 Comparison of NSE and NSPE Spectrometers 156(4)
7 Triple Axis Spectrometers with the NSPE 160(5)
Neutron Spin Precession Optics: Recent
Results and Some Perspectives
A.I. Frank, I. V. Bondarenko, A. V. Kozlov, 165(11)
G. Ehlers, P. Hoghoj
1 Interaction Time of Neutrons with an
Object and the Larmor Clock
2 Experiment for the Measurement of the
Delay Time in Refraction
3 Direct Measurement of the Neutron 170(2)
Interaction Time with Quantum Objects
4 Neutron Spin Precession and Phase 172(4)
Contrast Imaging with Very Slow Neutrons
Future Developments in Resonance Spin Echo
M. Bleuet, F. Demmel, R. Gahler, R. Golub,
K. Habicht, T. Keller,
S. Klimko, I. K er, S. Longeville, S. 176(25)
1 ZETA: NRSE + Three Axis at ILL 177(4)
2 RESEDA: NRSE at FRM-II 181(2)
3 Proposal of a High Resolution NRSE 183(3)
4 MIEZE and Its Applications 186(7)
5 Multi-angle Analysis for MUSES at LLB 193(3)
6 Neutron Computer Holography 196(5)
Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometers of the Next
Generation - Where Are the Limits?
M. Monkenbusch 201(14)
1 Future Needs 201(3)
2 Requirements and Generic Design 204(7)
3 Limitations and Open Questions 211(4)
Part II Applications in Physics, Chemistry and
Life Sciences
Use of the Neutron Spin Echo Technique to
Observe Flux Line Motion
E.M. Forgan, P.G. Kealey, A. Pautrat, Ch.
Simon, S.L. Lee, R. Cubittt,
B. Farago, P. Schleger 215(7)
1 Flux Lines and Their Motion in 215(1)
2 The Experimental Arrangement 216(2)
3 Theory and Experimental Results 218(4)
Dynamics of Frustrated Magnetic Moments in
Antiferromagnetically Ordered TbNiAl
Probed by Spin Echo and Time-of-Flight
G. Ehlers, H. Casalta, R.E. Lechner, H. 222(10)
1 NSE and TOF Experiments 224(8)
Critical Slowing Down in a Simple Fluid
System as Measured by Neutron Spin Echo
Crossover Between Hydrodynamics and Critical
F. Leclercq, S. Pouget, P. Damay 232(14)
1 Theory and Background 233(4)
2 Experiments and Data Analysis 237(4)
3 Hydrodynamics and Critical Dynamics 241(5)
Soft Matter and Biology
M. Monkenbusch 246(22)
1 Soft Matter Systems 246(1)
2 The NSE Signal 247(2)
3 Linear Polymers 249(10)
4 Block Copolymers 259(2)
5 More Complicated Polymer Architectures 261(1)
6 Microemulsions 262(2)
7 Glasses 264(1)
8 Biology 265(3)
Dynamics of Glass Forming Polymers by Neutron
Spin Echo
J. Colmenero, A. Arbe, D. Richter, B. 268(12)
Farago, M. Monkenbusch
1 Glass Forming Polymers 268(2)
2 The a-Relaxation 270(10)
Elastic and Quasielastic Neutron Scattering
on Liquid Isotopic
and Binary Blends of Low Molecular Mass
B. Ewen, H. G z, U. Maschke 280(11)
1 Theory of Collective Polymer Dynamics 280(2)
2 SANS and NSE Experiments 282(9)
Neutron Spin Echo Study of the Dynamics in
BIS Cross-linked Poly(N-Isopropyl
Acrylamide) Microgels: Dependence on the
Cross-Linker Concentration
T. Hellweg, W. Eimer, S. Pouget, K. Kratz 291(11)
1 Microgels 291(1)
2 Materials, Preparation and Methods 292(2)
3 Theory 294(1)
4 NSE Experiments: Results and Discussion 295(7)
Dynamical Fluctuation of Cylindrical Micelles
and Membranes
in Binary and Ternary Amphiphilic
Microemulsion Systems
S. Komura, T. Takeda, H. Seto, M. Nagao 302(10)
1 Amphiphilic Microemulsions 302(2)
2 The Zilman-Granek Theory 304(1)
3 NSE Experimental Results 305(4)
4 Analysis and Determination of Bending 309(3)
Modulus and Viscosity
Dynamics of Hydrophobically Modified Polymer
Doped Surfactant Bilayers: A Neutron Spin
Echo Study
B.-S. Yang, J. Lal, M. Mihaileseu, M.
Monkenbusch, D. Richter,
J.S. Huang, W.B. Russel, R.K. Prud'homme 312(13)
1 Polymer Doped Surfactant Bilayers 312(2)
2 SANS and NSE Experiments 314(3)
3 Static Elastic and Dynamic Properties 317(8)
Neutron Resonance Spin Echo: Oxygen Transport
in Crowded Protein Solutions
S. Longeville, W. Doster, M. Diehl, R. 325(12)
GShler, W. Petry
1 Neutron Resonance Spin Echo Spectrometry 325(4)
2 Study of Myoglobin Diffusion with NRSE 329(8)
Index 337