Surviving Intensive Care (Update in Intensive Care Medicine) (2004. XV, 346 p. w. 85 ill.)


Surviving Intensive Care (Update in Intensive Care Medicine) (2004. XV, 346 p. w. 85 ill.)

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New in softcover. Hardcover was publisehd in 2002.

Full Description

For many years, intensive care has focused on avoiding immediate death from acute, life-threatening conditions. However, there are increasing reports of a number of lingering consequences for those who do indeed survive intensive care. Examples include on-going high risk of death, neurocognitive defects, significant caregiver burden, and continued high healthcare costs.Surviving Intensive Care, written by the world's experts in this area, is dedicated to better understanding the consequences of surviving intensive care and is intended to provide a synopsis of the current knowledge and a stimulus for future research and improved care of the critically ill.

Table of Contents

  Natural History of Critical Illness
Survival as an Outcome for ICU Patients 3 (18)
S. P. Keenan
P. Dodek
Morbidity and Functional Limitation in 21 (14)
Survivors of ARDS
M. S. Herridge
Health-related Quality of Life 35 (16)
K. Rowan
C. Jenkinson
N. Black
The Neuropsychological Consequences of 51 (12)
Intensive Care
K. T. Sukantarat
S. Brett
The Burden of Caregiving on Families of ICU 63 (10)
M. M. Levy
Long-term Economic Consequences of 73 (12)
Surviving Intensive Care
K. G. Kalassian
D. C. Angus
Understanding Outcomes of Critically Ill 85 (22)
Older Patients
E. W. Ely
Measuring the Health Status of Pediatric 107(12)
ICU Survivors
A. G. Randolph
R. Graham
Predictors and Modifiers of Long-term Outcomes
Pre-ICU Factors 119(8)
R. Moreno
R. Matos
P. G. H. Metnitz
Intra-ICU patient factors 127(6)
J.-L. Vincent
ICU Environmental Factors and Quality of 133(12)
Sleep in Critically Ill Patients
S. Grasso
L. Mascia
V. M. Ranieri
The Impact of Routine ICU Supportive Care 145(10)
on Long-term Outcomes from Critical Illness
J. B. Hall
J. Kress
Improving Methods to Capture Long-term
Outcomes in Clinical Studies
Disease-free Survival and Quality of Life 155(14)
as End-points in Clinical Trials
M. Van Glabbeke
A. Bottomley
Surrogate Measures of Patient-centered 169(12)
Outcomes in Critical Care
G. D. Rubenfeld
Measuring Health Status after Critical 181(16)
Illness: Where Are We and Where Do We Go
from Here?
J. R. Curtis
How Should We Assess Neuropsychological 197(14)
Sequelae of Critical Illness?
R. O. Hopkins
How Can We Evaluate Information Provided to 211(10)
Family Members in the ICU?
E. Azoulay
D. Moreau
F. Pochard
Approaches to Improve Long-term Outcomes
How Should We Measure the Economic 221(14)
Consequences of Critical Illness?
B. A. van Hout
D. C. Angus
Modifying Triage Decisions to Optimize 235(12)
Long-term Outcomes
C. L. Sprung
P. D. Levin
Preventing Nosocomial Infections to Improve 247(10)
Outcome of Intensive Care
C. Brun-Buisson
Preventing latrogenic Complications 257(30)
J. Bion
G. K. Hart
Z. Khan
Changing ICU Behavior to Focus on Long-term 287(10)
J. McMullin
D. J. Cook
L.O.V.E. and Quality of Life within the 297(8)
ICU: How can it improve Patient Outcome?
J. Carlet
M. Garrouste-Orgeas
B. Guidet
Re-organizing Health Care Systems to 305(18)
Optimize Critical Care Outcomes
M. Hartleib
W. J. Sibbald
Defining `Success' in ICU Care 323(18)
P. Pronovost
A. Wu
C. G. Holzmueller
Subject Index 341