Planning Support Systems in Practice (Advances in Spatial Science) (2003. XII, 578 p. w. 219 ill.)

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Planning Support Systems in Practice (Advances in Spatial Science) (2003. XII, 578 p. w. 219 ill.)

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Full Description

The first worldwide overview of Planning Support Systems (PSS) and their application in practice. PSS are geo-technology related instruments consisting of theories, information, methods, tools, et cetera for support of unique professional public or private planning tasks at any spatial scale. The aim is to advance progress in the development of PSS, which are far from being effectively integrated into the planning practice. The text provides an Internet-based worldwide inventory of innovative examples and successful applications of PSS in a number of different planning contexts. In-depth insights into the purposes, content, workings, and applications of a very wide diversity of PSS are given.

Table of Contents

Preface Planning Support Systems: Technologies     v
that are Driving Planning
Michael Batty
Introduction 1 (2)
Planning Support Systems: An Introduction 3 (20)
Stan Geertman
John Stillwell
Part 1: Systems and Technologies for Enhancing 23 (98)
Participation in the Planning Process
Interactive Support Systems for Participatory 25 (20)
Stan Geertman
John Stillwell
Public Participation via On-line Democracy 45 (20)
Richard Kingston
Andrew Evans
Steve Carver
Web-based Tools and Interfaces for 65 (22)
Participatory Planning and Design
Kheir Al-Kodmany
Community Engagement in Land Use Planning 87 (12)
Through Web-based Technologies
Steve Ventura
Tracy Miller
Glen Barry
Tools for Community Design and Decision-making 99 (22)
Ken Snyder
Part 2: Tools for Supporting the Planning 121(146)
The Planner's TOOLBOX: A Web-based Support 123(16)
System for Sustainable Development
Jukka Mikkonen
Mika Ristimaki
Kari Oinonen
Henning Sten Hansen
STEPP: A Strategic Tool for Integrating 139(16)
Environmental Aspects into Planning Procedures
Gerrit J. Carsjens
Ron J.A. van Lammeren
Arend Ligtenberg
Flowmap: A Support Tool for Strategic Network 155(22)
Stan Geertman
Tom de Jong
Coen Wessels
Geovisualisation for Planning Support Systems 177(16)
Bin Jiang
Bo Huang
Vit Vasek
Key to Virtual Insight: A 3D GIS and Virtual 193(12)
Reality System
Gert van Maren
Cellular Automata and Multi-agent Systems as 205(18)
Planning Support Tools
Paul M. Torrens
The Application of Case-based Reasoning in 223(26)
Development Control
Anthony Yeh
Xun Shi
Fuzzy Algorithms to Support Spatial Planning 249(18)
Dmitry Kurtener
Vladimir Badenko
Part 3: Support Systems for Strategic Planning 267(82)
A Migration Modelling System to Support 269(22)
Government Decision-making
Tony Champion
Glen Bramley
Stewart Fotheringham
James Macgill
Philip Rees
Spatial Decision Support Systems for Petrol 291(24)
Mark Birkin
Peter Boden
Julia Williams
An Urbanisation Monitoring System for 315(16)
Strategic Planning
JanJaap Harts
Kees Maat
Henk Ottens
An On-line Planning Support System to 331(18)
Evaluate Urban and Regional Planning Scenarios
Christopher Pettit
Tung-Kai Shyy
Robert Stimson
Part 4: Support Systems for Land Use and 349(138)
Infrastructure Planning
Models for Assessing the Effects of Community 351(22)
Change on Land Use Patterns
Cary Gaunt
Laura Jackson
The New Jersey (USA) Growth Allocation Model: 373(18)
Development, Evaluation and Extension
James Reilly
Using an Operational Planning Support System 391(18)
to Evaluate Farmland Preservation Policies
Richard E. Klosterman
Loren Siebert
Mohammed Ahmadul Hoque
Jung-Wook Kim
Aziza Parveen
Development of the Klang Valley Regional 409(26)
Planning Support System
Ruslan Rainis
Kamalruddin Shamsudin
Mohd Nazari Jaafar
Hadi Harman Shah
The LiNC Viewer: An Information System 435(18)
Designed to Assist with Land Reform
Marilene Heunis
Tania Smith
Elizabeth Gavin
The SPARTACUS System for Defining and 453(12)
Analysing Sustainable Urban Land Use and
Transport Policies
Kari Lautso
An Infrastructure Potential Cost Model for 465(22)
Integrated Land Use and Infrastructure
Sharon Biermann
Part 5: Support Systems for Environmental 487(74)
The Environmental Information System: A Data 489(14)
Analysis and Presentation Tool
Flavio Bonfatti
Paola Monari
Andrea Aime
Silvia Ascari
DESIMA: A Decision Support Tool for 503(10)
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Marieke Eleveld
Philippe Carreau
Wolfram Schrimpf
Ardy Siegert
WadBOS: Integrating Knowledge to Support 513(26)
Policy-making for the Wadden Sea
Guy Engelen
Inge Uljee
Kees van de Ven
A Planning Support System for Policy 539(22)
Formulation in Water Resources Rehabilitation
Mohammad Ali Sharifi
Erasmo Rodriguez
Subject Index 561(4)
Figures 565(6)
Tables 571(2)
List of Contributors 573