Radiology of the Petrous Bone (Medical Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging) (2004. 240 p. w. 271 figs. (some col.). 28 cm)

Radiology of the Petrous Bone (Medical Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging) (2004. 240 p. w. 271 figs. (some col.). 28 cm)

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Full Description

This volume provides a complete overview of the imaging of the normal and diseased petrous bone. After an introduction describing the anatomy of the area, subsequent chapters address the various diseases and conditions affecting the petrous bone that are encountered in daily practice. At the beginning of each of these chapters an otologist explains what is expected of the radiologist. The various classic imaging methods are described and discussed in detail, and individual chapters are included on newer techniques such as functional imaging and virtual imaging. Imaging findings are documented with the aid of numerous informative high-quality illustrations. This book, with its straightforward structure based essentially on topography, will prove of immense value in daily practice.


1 Technique and Radiologic Anatomy M. Lemmerling2 External Ear Imaging R. Hermans3 Imaging of Cholesteatomatous and non-Cholesteatomatous Middle Ear Disease M. Lemmerling4 Temporal Bone Trauma S.S. Kollias5 Tumorous Lesions of the Temporal Bone H. Imhof, C. Czerny, A. Dirisamer, and E. Oschatz6 Acute Otomastoiditis and its Complications M. Lemmerling7 Otosclerosis M. Lemmerling8 Imaging of the Congenitally Malformed Temporal Bone S.S. Kollias9 Tumors in the Cerebellopontine Angle, Internal Auditory Canal and Inner Ear B. De Foer10 Imaging of the Jugular Foramen H. Tanghe11 Vascular Temporal Bone Lesions H. Tanghe12 Petrous Apex Lesions M. Lemmerling13 Imaging of Facial Nerve Pathology N. Martin-Duverneuil, A. Behin, and J. Chiras14 Postoperative Temporal Bone Imaging L. Van den Hauwe15 Virtual Endoscopy of the Middle and Inner Ear E. Neri, C. Cappellli, S. Berrettini, D. Caramella, and C. Bartolozzi16 Functional Imaging of Hearing S. SunaertSubject IndexList of Contributors