Rapid Cycle Real Time PCR-Methods and Applications : Quantification (2004. VII, 223 p. w. 78 figs.)

Rapid Cycle Real Time PCR-Methods and Applications : Quantification (2004. VII, 223 p. w. 78 figs.)

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Full Description

Rapid cycle real-time PCR is a powerful technique for nucleic acid quantification and analysis that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Fluorescence is automatically monitored each cycle and the amount of template quantified by advanced analytical methods, such as the second derivative maximum method. Immediately following rapid cycle PCR, melting curve analysis is performed to verify product purity with SYBR Green I and/or genotype with fluorescently-labeled hybridization probes (HybProbes or SimpleProbes). Rapid cycle real-time PCR is often cited as the most versatile, efficient method for nucleic acid quantification in research and climical studies. Molecular analysis has never been easier!


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