Ultrafast Phenomena XIII : Proceedings of the 13th International Conference, Vancouver, Bc, Canada, May 12-17, 2002 (Springer Series in Chemical Physi

Ultrafast Phenomena XIII : Proceedings of the 13th International Conference, Vancouver, Bc, Canada, May 12-17, 2002 (Springer Series in Chemical Physi

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Full Description

This book presents the latest advances in ultrafast science, including both ultrafast optics technology and the study of ultrafast phenomena. It covers picosecond, femtosecond, and attosecond processes relevant to physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering applications. Ultrafast technology has a profound impact in a wide range of applications, among them biomedical imaging, chemical dynamics, frequency standards, materials processing, and ultrahigh-speed communications. This book summarizes the results presented at the 13th International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena and provides an up-to-date view of this important and rapidly advancing field.

Table of Contents

  Part I: Phase Stabilization
Attosecond Pulse Generation from High 3 (5)
Harmonics and Polarization Gating
Y. Mairesse
M. Kovacev
E. Priori
A. Merdji
P. Salieres
B. Carre
P. Breger
P. Monchicourt
O. Tcherbakov
E. Constant
E. Mevel
P. Agostini
Methods for Complete Characterization of 8 (3)
Single Attosecond Pulses
F. Quere
J. Itatani
G.L Yudin
P.B. Corkum
Strong-field Photoionization in the 11 (5)
Few-optical-cycle Regime: The Role of the
Absolute Phase
M. Nisoli
S. Stagira
E. Priori
G. Sansone
S. De Silvestri
P. Villoresi
G.G. Paulus
F. Grasbon
H. Walther
Ultrafast EUV Lithography 16 (3)
S. Dusterer
H. Schwoerer
W. Ziegler
R. Sauerbrey
Distortion-Free Guiding of 0.2 x 1018 W/cm2 19 (3)
Femtosecond Pulses through a Fully-ionized
1.5 cm He Plasma Channel
E.W. Gaul
F. Grigsby
N.H. Matlis
B. Shim
R. Zgadzaj
M.C. Downer
Observation of Townes-Soliton Formation 22 (3)
K.D. Moll
A.L. Gaeta
Probing Wave Packet Motion of D2+ with Sub 25 (3)
Femtosecond Resolution
H. Niikura
F. Legare
R. Hasbani
M.Yu. Ivanov
D.M. Villeneuve
P.B. Corkum
Evolution of Pulse Shapes During Compressor 28 (5)
Scans in a CPA System and Control of
Electron Acceleration in Plasmas
Cs. Toth
J. de Groot
J. van Tilborg
C.G.R. Geddes
J. Faure
P. Catravas
C. Schroeder
B.A. Shadwick
E. Esarey
W. Leemans
Part II: Short Wavelength Science
Femtosecond X-ray Diffraction Measurement 33 (3)
of a Solid--Solid Phase Transition in VO2
A. Cavalleri
Cs. Toth
C.W. Siders
J.A. Squier
F. Raksi
P. Forget
J.C. Kieffer
Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction Study of 36 (3)
Ultrafast Structural Dynamics in
Laser-excited Solids
K. Sokolowski-Tinten
C. Blome
C. Dietrich
A. Tarasevitch
M. Hornvon-Hoegen
D. von der Linde
A. Cavalleri
J.A. Squier
M. Kammler
Properties of Liquid Silicon and Carbon 39 (3)
Studied by Ultrafast Time-resolved X-ray
Absorption Spectroscopy
S.L. Johnson
P.A. Heimann
A.M. Lindenberg
A.G. MacPhee
R.W. Falcone
H.O. Jeschke
M. Garcia
J.J. Rehr
R.W. Lee
Z. Chang
Kinetics of Cluster Formation During 42 (3)
Femtosecond Laser Ablation
T.E. Glover
G.D. Ackermann
A. Belkacem
P.A. Heimann
Z. Hussain
H.A. Padmore
C. Ray
R.W. Schoenlein
W.F. Steele
Femtosecond Si-Kα Pulses from Laser 45 (3)
Produced Plasmas
A. Morak
I. Uschmann
T. Feurer
E. Forster
R. Sauerbrey
Ultrafast X-ray Radiation from Intense 48 (3)
Femtosecond Laser Systems
K. Ta Phuoc
L. Notebaert
M. Pittman
J.P. Rousseau
V. Malka
S. Sebban
R. Marques
P. Balcou
S. Fritzler
P.G. David
D. Hulin
A. Rousse
EUV Photonics: Quasi-phasematching at Short 51 (3)
R.A. Bartels
A. Paul
S. Backus
R. Tobey
H. Kapteyn
M. Murnane
Determination of HHG Spectrum by Measuring 54 (3)
the Mutual Coherence
R.A. Bartels
S. Backus
A. Paul
H. Kapteyn
M. Murnane
Y. Liu
D. Attwood
Adaptive Optimization of High Order 57 (3)
Harmonic Generation in a Free Propagation
D. Reitze
F. Weihe
S. Kazamias
G. Mullot
D. Douillet
F. Auge
J.P. Chambaret
D. Hulin
P. Balcou
Few-optical-cycle Regime for the High-order 60 (3)
Harmonic Generation: Enhanced Conversion
and Brightness
P. Villoresi
M. Pascolini
L. Poletto
G. Tondello
M. Nisoli
E. Priori
G. Sansone
S. Stagira
S. De Silvestri
Coherent Femtosecond X-ray Raman 63 (3)
Spectroscopy of Molecules
S. Tanaka
S. Mukamel
Fully Spatially Coherent EUV Source 66 (5)
R.A. Bartels
S. Backus
A. Paul
H. Kapteyn
M. Murnane
Y. Liu
D. Attwood
C. Jacobsen
Part III: Control and Dynamics
Time-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy: 71 (5)
Charge & Energy Flow in Molecules
J.P. Shaffer
T. Schultz
J.G. Underwood
C.C. Hayden
A. Stolow
Molecular Quantum Computing: Implementation 76 (3)
of Global Quantum Gates Applying Optimal
Control Theory
R. de Vivie-Riedle
C.M. Tesch
Control of Photoinduced Processes by 79 (3)
Optimally Shaped Laser Pulses in MnCp(CO)3:
Recovering the Information Content Coded in
the Optimal Pulse Form
S. Vajda
C. Lupulescu
A. Lindinger
A. Merli
L. Woste
Controlling the Dephasing of Vibrational 82 (3)
Wavepackets in Potassium Dimers
I. Walmsley
P. Londero
M. Fitch
S. Wallentowitz
L. Waxer
C. Radzewicz
Ultrafast Two-Photon Free Induction Decay 85 (3)
D. Keusters
P. Tian
W.S. Warren
Time-resolved Coincidence Imaging of the 88 (3)
Dissociative Ionization in CF3I
A.M. Rijs
C.C. Hayden
M.H.M. Janssen
Making and Measuring Vibrational Wave 91 (3)
Packets in Small Molecules through
Non-resonant Impulsive Stimulated Raman
D.A. Samuels
T.C. Weinacht
O.L.A. Monti
E. Gershgoren
S.R. Leone
H.C. Kapteyn
M.M. Murnane
R.A. Bartels
Breaking Bonds with Mid-IR Pulses: 94 (3)
Femtosecond Photolysis of Gas-phase Metal
L. Windhorn
T. Witte
J.S. Yeston
D. Proch
M. Motzkus
K. L. Kompa
W. Fuss
Femtosecond Four-wave Mixing for Molecule 97 (2)
Based Computation
V.V. Lozovoy
I. Pastirk
M. Comstock
K.A. Walowicz
M. Dantus
Preparation of Oriented Molecules for 99 (3)
Ultrafast Spectroscopic Studies
H. Sakai
S. Minemoto
H. Nanjo
H. Tanji
T. Suzuki
3/2 Harmonic Generation by Femtosecond 102(3)
Laser Pulses on Solid Targets
A. Tarasevitch
C. Dietrich
C. Blome
K. Sokolowski-Tinten
D. von der Linde
Fast Electron and Ion Emission from Metal 105(3)
Targets in Intense Femtosecond Laser Fields
Y. Okano
Y. Hironaka
Y. Oishi
T. Nayuki
K. Nemoto
K.G. Nakamura
K. Kondo
Reaction Dynamics of Hydrogen Bonded 108(2)
Aniline-Ammonia Clusters in Intense Laser
Fields by Tandem Mass Spectroscopy
R. Itakura
J. Watanabe
T. Asano
K. Yamanouchi
Indole (NH3)n Clusters: Hydrogen Atom 110(3)
Transfer Initiated by Femtosecond Laser
H. Lippert
V. Stert
L. Hesse
C.P. Schulz
I.V. Hertel
W. Radloff
Theoretical Models Predicting the Outcome 113(6)
of Raman Type Control Experiments
T. Hornung
M. Motzkus
R. de Vivie-Riedle
Part IV: Ultrafast Sources and Phase
Generation and Characterization of 119(3)
Few-cycle Mid-infrared Pulses from 2800 to
4600 nm
J.A. Gruetzmacher
N.F. Scherer
1-GHz Repetition-rate Femtosecond Optical 122(3)
Parametric Oscillator
X.P. Zhang
J. Kuhl
J. Hebling
A. Bartels
D. Nau
W.W. Ruhle
H. Giessen
Hybrid Chirped Pulse Amplification 125(3)
I. Jovanovic
C.P.J. Barty
High Average System Power, 10kHz, Ultrafast 128(3)
S. Backus
R.A. Bartels
A. Paul
H. Kapteyn
M. Murnane
Continuum Generation in a Prism-less 131(3)
Ti:sapphire Laser
T.R. Schibli
L.M. Matos
F.J. Grawert
J.G. Fujimoto
F.X. Kartner
Octave Spanning Femtosecond Laser at GHz 134(3)
Repetition Rates
A. Bartels
H. Kurz
Compact Ultrashort Hard-X-ray Source Driven 137(3)
by High-repetition Rate Femtosecond Laser
A. Egbert
B. Mader
B. Tkachenko
C. Fallnich
B.N. Chichkov
Synchronously Pumped Optical Parametric 140(3)
Oscillators with Anomalous Wavelength
Tuning Behaviour
P. Loza-Alvarez
M.B. Flynn
W. Sibbett
P. Kinsler
G.H.C. New
Optical Modulator for Passive 143(3)
Synchronization and Active Modelocking of
W. Seitz
R. Ell
T.R. Schibli
U. Morgner
F.X. Kartner
C.H. Lange
W. Richter
B. Braun
Generation of Sub-10-fs Pulses from a 146(3)
Mode-locked Cr3+:LiCAF Laser
P. Wagenblast
U. Morgner
F. Grawert
V. Scheuer
G. Angelow
M.J. Lederer
F.X. Kartner
One Step Mid-infrared Generation from a 149(3)
Dual-wavelength Ti:sapphire System and its
Multi-pass Amplifier
J. Song
J. Xia
D.T. Strickland
Convenient Tunability of Sub-10 fs Pulses 152(3)
in the Visible Range
E. Baigar
M. Braun
A. Peine
V. Konjaev
W. Zinth
High-energy Femtosecond Stretched-pulse 155(3)
Fiber Laser with a Nonlinear Optical Loop
F.O. Ilday
F.W. Wise
Passively Mode-Locked, Self-Frequency 158(3)
Doubled, Diode-pumped Yb:YAl3(BO3)4 Laser
M.J. Lederer
M. Hildebrandt
V.Z. Kolev
B. Luther-Davies
B. Taylor
J. Dawes
P. Dekker
J. Piper
H.H. Tan
C. Jagadish
High-order Self-dispersion-Compensation in 161(3)
a Ti:sapphire Laser Oscillator
H. Crespo
M.A. Cataluna
A. Guerreiro
J.T. Mendonca
IR Linac Driven by a High-intensity TM01 164(3)
Diffraction-limited Laser Beam
C. Varin
M. Piche
Efficient Frequency Conversion From a Novel 167(3)
QPM Semiconductor Waveguide Crystal
E.U. Rafailov
P. Loza-Alvarez
D. Artigas
W. Sibbett
Atomic Clocks of the Future: Using the 170(5)
Ultrafast and Ultrastable
L. Hollberg
S. Diddams
C. Oates
A. Curtis
S. Bize
J. Bergquist
Carrier-envelope Offset Dynamics and 175(3)
Stabilization of Femtosecond Lasers
F.W. Helbing
G. Steinmeyer
U. Keller
Long Term (>300 seconds) 178(3)
Carrier-envelope Phase Coherence of a Train
of Ultrashort Pulses
T.M. Fortier
D.J. Jones
J. Ye
S.T. Cundiff
R.S. Windeler
All-Optical Self-Stabilization of 181(3)
Carrier-Envelope Phase Offset in Few-cycle
Pulses by Optical Parametric Amplifiers
A. Baltuska
N. Ishii
T. Kobayashi
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering 184(3)
Microscopy with Near-infrared ps Pulses
Synchronized within 20 fs
D.J. Jones
E. Potma
J.-X. Cheng
J. Ye
X. S. Xie
Detection of Carrier-envelope Phase Shift 187(6)
in Picosecond Lasers
R. Ell
W. Seitz
T.R. Schibli
U. Morgner
F.X. Kartner
Part V: Compression, Shaping and
Cross-correlation Frequency-resolved 193(3)
Optical Gating Measurements of
Ultrabroadband Continuum from
Microstructure Optical Fiber
X. Gu
M.W. Kimmel
E. Zeek
P. O'Shea
R. Trebino
R.S. Windeler
Complete Spatio-Temporal Characterization 196(3)
of Ultrashort Optical Pulses Using
Two-dimensional Shearing Interferometry
C. Dorrer
E. Kosik
I.A. Walmsley
Self-Compression of Ultrafast Optical 199(3)
Pulses using Molecular Phase Modulation
N. Wagner
T. Weinacht
M. Baertschy
C. Greene
H. Kapteyn
M. Murnane
R.A. Bartels
Infrared Pulse Shaping by Parametric 202(3)
H.-S. Tan
E. Schreiber
W.S. Warren
Mm-wave Arbitrary Waveform Generation Using 205(3)
a Direct Space-to-Time Optical Pulse Shaper
J.D. McKinney
D.E. Leaird
A.M. Weiner
Time-to-Space Conversion of Ultrafast 208(3)
Optical Pulses via Spectral Nonlinear
Optics in the Communications Band
J.-H. Chung
A.M. Weiner
A Simple Theory of the Acousto-optic 211(3)
Programmable Dispersive Filter Used for
Femtosecond Laser Pulse Shaping
D. Kaplan
P. Tournois
Automated Two-Dimensional Femtosecond Pulse 214(3)
Shaping and Phased-Array THz Generation
J.C. Vaughan
T. Feurer
K.A. Nelson
Jitter of 3-cycle Laser Pulses from a 217(3)
Gas-filled Capillary -- Single Shot Spider
Pulse Characterization at 1kHz
J. Biegert
W. Kornelis
G. Steinmeyer
J.W. Tisch
U. Keller
M. Nisoli
G. Sansone
S. Stagira
C. Vozzi
S. De Silvestri
Time-domain Interferometry for Direct 220(3)
Electric-field Reconstruction by Use of an
Acoustic-Optic Programmable Dispersive
T. Oksenhendler
A. Monmayrant
R. Herzog
D. Kaplan
P. Tournois
M. Joffre
Amplitude and Phase Measurements of 223(3)
Femtosecond Pulses Shaped Using Spectral
Hole Burning in Free-base
Naphthalocyanine-doped Films
S. Fraigne
J.-P. Galaup
J.-L. Le Gouet
L. Canioni
B. Bousquet
M. Joffre
J.-P. Likforman
Polarizations of Raman Sidebands Generated 226(3)
in Impulsively Stimulated Rotational Raman
H. Kawano
A. Suda
K. Ishikawa
K. Midorikawa
Nonlinear Effects in Microstructured Fibers 229(3)
F.G. Omenetto
A. Efimov
A.J. Taylor
J.C. Knight
W. Wadsworth
P.St.J. Russell
J. Arriaga
Adaptive Pulse Shaping of Amplified 232(3)
Femtosecond Pulse Laser in Phase and
Amplitude by Directly Referring to
Frequency Resolved Optical Gating Traces
K. Ohno
T. Tanabe
F. Kannari
Joint Quantum Measurement Using 235(3)
Fourier-transform Spectral Interferometry
M. Beck
C. Dorrer
I.A. Walmsley
Experimental and Theoretical Supercontinuum 238(3)
Generation in a Photonic Crystal Fiber by
Use of a Few-cycle Optical Pulse Nonlinear
X. Fang
M. Hirasawa
R.S. Windeler
R. Morita
M. Yamashita
Photonic Wavepacket in Whispering-Gallery 241(3)
H. Kawashima
T. Hasama
Pulse Dynamics in Polarization-maintaining 244(3)
Photonic Crystal Fibers
A. Ortigosa-Blanch
J.C. Knight
P.St.J. Russell
Generation of Ultrashort-Pulse 247(6)
Nondiffracting Beams and X-Waves with
Thin-Film Axicons
R. Grunwald
V. Kebbel
U. Griebner
U. Neumann
A. Kummrow
E.T.J. Nibbering
M. Rini
M. Piche
G. Rousseau
M. Fortin
Part VI: THz Generation and Applications
Low-Density Optical Pump---THz Probe 253(3)
Analysis of High-temperature Superconductors
M. Brucherseifer
A. Meltzow-Altmeyer
P. Haring Bolivar
H. Kurz
Terahertz Wave Generation from 256(3)
Multi-Quantum Well with Transverse Electric
I. Morohashi
K. Komori
H. Shimura
T. Hidaka
H. Ikeda
S. Tujikura
M. Yamamoto
Y. Okamoto
Inversionless Amplification of Coherent THz 259(3)
C. Janke
P. Haring Bolivar
A. Bartels
H. Kunzel
H. Kurz
Transient Conductivity in Single-Crystal 262(3)
Al2O3 Probed by THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
J. Shan
F. Wang
E. Knoesel
M. Bonn
M. Wolf
T.F. Heinz
T-ray Diffraction Tomography 265(3)
B. Ferguson
S. Wang
D. Gray
D. Abbott
X.-C. Zhang
Generation of Tunable THz Radiation by 268(3)
Femtosecond Tilted-pulse-front Excitation
J. Hebling
G. Almasi
I.Z. Kozma
J. Kuhl
Theory of THz-generation via Optical 271(3)
Rectification of fs-Pulses in Periodically
Poled Nonlinear Materials
C. Weiss
G. Torosyan
Y. Avetisyan
R. Beigang
THz Generation by Third-order 274(3)
Non-linearities in Air and Air Plasmas
T. Loffler
S. Eden
M. Thomson
H.G. Roskos
THz Emission Characteristics of Dipole 277(3)
Antennas Fabricated on Multi-energy
Arsenic-Ion-implanted GaAs and
Semi-insulating GaAs
T.-A. Liu
M. Tani
G.-R. Lin
C.-L. Pan
All-Optoelectronic CW THz Imaging for Tumor 280(3)
K.J. Siebert
T. Loffler
H. Quast
R. Leonhardt
M. Thomson
T. Bauer
S. Czasch
H.G. Roskos
Time-domain Differentiation of Terahertz 283(3)
A. Filin
M. Stowe
R. Kersting
Spectral Amplitude and Phase Changes in 286(3)
Diffraction of Terahertz Pulses
O. Mitrofanov
M. Lee
L.N. Pfeiffer
K.W. West
Resonant-cavity Magnetic-field Probe for 289(3)
mm-Wave Frequency-domain Spatial Field
R.M. Reano
J.F. Whitaker
L.P.B. Katehi
Investigation of a THz Fresnel Lens 292(3)
E.D. Walsby
S. Wang
B. Ferguson
J. Xu
T. Yuan
R. Blaikie
S.M. Durbin
D.R.S. Cumming
X.-C. Zhang
Electro-optic Detection of Sub-wavelength 295(3)
THz Spot Sizes in the Near-field of a Metal
N.C.J. van der Valk
W.Th. Wenckebach
P.C.M. Planken
Size Dependent Photoconductivity in CdSe 298(3)
Nanoparticles as Measured by Time-resolved
THz Spectroscopy
M.C. Beard
G.M. Turner
C.A. Schmuttenmaer
Integrated THz Technologies for Femtomol 301(6)
Sensitivity Label-free Detection of DNA
M. Nagel
M. Brucherseifer
P. Haring Bolivar
H. Kurz
A. Bosserhoff
R. Buttner
Part VII: Dynamics at Interfaces and Solids
Ultrafast Electron Transfer and Solvation 307(3)
Dynamics in Ice Layers on Cu(111)
C. Gahl
U. Bovensiepen
C. Frischkorn
M. Wolf
The Size of a Localized Electron at a 310(3)
Metal/Adsorbate Interface
I. Bezel
K. Gaffney
S. Garrett-Roe
S.H. Liu
A.D. Miller
P. Szymanski
C.B. Harris
Hot-Electron-Driven Charge Transfer 313(3)
Processes on Surfaces
C.-F. Lei
M. Bauer
K. Read
R. Tobey
M. Murnane
H. Kapteyn
Photoinduced Electron Transfer in 316(3)
Dye/Semiconductor Systems on a Sub-10-fs
Time Scale
R. Huber
J.E. Moser
M. Gratzel
J. Wachtveitl
Carrier Relaxation Dynamics in Heavy 319(3)
Fermion Compounds
J. Demsar
R.D. Averitt
V.V. Kabanov
L.A. Tracy
S.A. Trugman
J.L. Sarrao
A.J. Taylor
Ultrafast Electron Optics: Propagation 322(3)
Dynamics and Measurement of Femtosecond
Electron Packets
B.J. Siwick
J.R. Dwyer
R.E. Jordan
R.J.D. Miller
Ultrafast Interfacial Electron Transfer 325(3)
from Conjugated Polymers to Inorganic
Semiconductor Nanoparticles
N.A. Anderson
X. Ai
T. Lian
Electronic Coupling and Coherence Effects 328(3)
in Ultrafast Heterogeneous Electron Transfer
C. Zimmermann
F. Willig
S. Ramakrishna
R. Eichberger
R. Ernstorfer
N. Biswas
W. Storck
P. Persson
Photoconductivity of Dye-sensitized 331(3)
Titanium Dioxide Films Measured by
Time-resolved THz Spectroscopy (TRTS)
G.M. Turner
M.C. Beard
C.A. Schmuttenmaer
Nonlinear Optical Probes of Vibrational 334(3)
Motion at Interfaces
T. Kikteva
D. Star
T. Johansson
G.W. Leach
Ultrafast Dynamics of Recombinative 337(3)
Desorption of Hydrogen from a Ru(001)
C. Frischkorn
M. Wolf
D.N. Denzler
C. Hess
G. Ertl
Chirp-controlled Ground-state 340(5)
Photodissociation of Cr(CO)6
T. Witte
L. Windhorn
J. Yeston
M. Motzkus
D. Proch
K.L. Kompa
Part VIII: Coherent Effects in Semi- and
Ultrafast Coherent Spectroscopy of a Single 345(5)
Quantum Dot
T. Gunther
C. Lienau
T. Elsaesser
M. Glanemann
V.M. Axt
T. Kuhn
S. Eshlagi
A.D. Wieck
Ultrafast Polarization Dynamics Induced by 350(3)
the ``Virtual Excitation'' of
Spin-polarized Carriers in Semiconductors
A.L. Smirl
E.J. Gansen
The Hall Current of Coherent Electron 353(3)
T. Bauer
A.B. Hummel
J.S. Kolb
H.G. Roskos
Yu.A. Kosevich
K. Kohler
Ultrafast Coherent Electron Transport in 356(3)
Quantum Cascade Structures
F. Eickemeyer
K. Reimann
M. Woerner
T. Elsaesser
S. Barbieri
C. Sirtori
G. Strasser
T. Muller
R. Bratschitsch
K. Unterrainer
Role of the Absolute Optical Phase in 359(3)
Carrier-wave Rabi Flopping with Two-cycle
O.D. Mucke
T. Tritschler
M. Wegener
U. Morgner
F.X. Kartner
Femtosecond Optically Induced 362(3)
Rectification, Shift and Injection Currents
in GaAs
N. Laman
D. Cote
J.E. Sipe
H.M. van Driel
Watching Bare Charges Get Dressed in an 365(3)
Ultrabroadband THz Experiment
R. Huber
F. Tauser
A. Brodschelm
M. Bichler
G. Abstreiter
A. Leitenstorfer
Observation of a Hysteretic Pseudogap 368(3)
Behavior via Coherent Phonons in High
Temperature Superconductors
T. Dekorsy
N. Georgiev
M. Helm
O.V. Misochko
Coulomb Correlations, Spectral Line Shapes, 371(3)
and Size Distributions of CdSe Nanocrystals
G.D. Scholes
M.A. Hines
A. Colonna
M. Salvador
Biexcitonic Effects in Coherently 374(3)
Controlled Six-wave-mixing Experiments
H.G. Breunig
T. Voss
I. Ruckmann
J. Gutowski
Ultrafast Investigation of Exciton 377(3)
Dissociation Processes in Polymeric
Semiconductors at High Pump Fluence
D.M. Russell
R.J. Essex
R.H. Friend
S. Setayesh
K. Mullen
C. Silva
Phase-Dependent Ultrafast Carrier and 380(3)
Lattice Relaxation: Amorphous, Crystalline,
and Nanocrystalline Silicon
S.L. Dexheimer
C.P. Zhang
J. Liu
K.E. Myers
J.E. Young
Q. Wang
B.P. Nelson
Photo-Excitation of Coherent Acoustic 383(3)
Phonons in InSb
M.D. Cummings
A.Y. Elezzabi
Ultrafast Dynamics of Coherent Anharmonic 386(3)
Phonons in Bismuth
M. Hase
M. Kitajima
S.-i. Nakashima
K. Mizoguchi
Far-infrared Carrier Dynamics in 389(3)
Superconducting MgB2
R.D. Averitt
J. Demsar
D.W. Reagor
A.J. Taylor
W.N. Kang
H.J. Kim
E.M. Choi
S.I. Lee
Population Dynamics in Quantum Structures 392(3)
T. Muller
W. Parz
R. Bratschitsch
G. Strasser
K. Unterrainer
Quantum Interference between Real and 395(3)
Virtual Excitations
Y.H. Ahn
D.S. Kim
S.T. Cundiff
J.M. Shacklette
Coherent Spin-lattice Interaction in a 398(3)
Ferromagnetic Metallic Film
J.-Y. Bigot
L. Guidoni
V. Halte
Direct Visualization of the Gouy Phase Shift 401(6)
N.S. Stoyanov
T. Feurer
D.W. Ward
K.A. Nelson
Part IX: Reaction and Solvation Dynamics in
Exploring Sub-picosecond Dynamics in the 407(5)
Far-infrared with THz Spectroscopy
C.A. Schmuttenmaer
M.C. Beard
G.M. Turner
THz Emission from Charge-Transfer Reactions 412(3)
in Molecules Aligned in Solutions and
J.J. Carey
D. Jones
S.P. Jamison
K. Wynne
Directly Measuring the Coupling of Solvent 415(3)
Intermolecular Modes in Solvation
S. Park
J. Kim
N.F. Scherer
Low-frequency, Condensed Phase Solvation 418(2)
Dynamics Using a Novel Two-dimensional,
Resonant-pump, Third-order Raman-probe
Technique in the Time Domain
D.F. Underwood
D.A. Blank
Optical Heterodyne Detected Transient 420(3)
Grating (OHD-TG) Studies on the Reactive
and Non-reactive Resonant Systems
Q.-H. Xu
Y.-Z. Ma
G.R. Fleming
Polar and Non-polar Solvation in the 423(3)
Femtosecond Evolution of 2D Fourier
Transform Spectra
A. Yu
J.D. Hybl
D.A. Farrow
D.M. Jonas
Photodissociation of ICN in Polar Solvents: 426(3)
Evidence of Long Lived Rotational
Excitation in Real Liquids
A.C. Germaine
S.E. Bradforth
Dynamics of Water in Ionic Solvation Shells 429(3)
M.F. Kropman
H.-K. Nienhuys
H.J. Bakker
Non-Equilibrium Charge Recombination 432(3)
Dynamics of Excited Donor--Acceptor
O. Nicolet
E. Vauthey
Femtosecond Fluorescence Lifetimes 435(3)
Determined by an Intrinsic Raman Gate
Q. An
W. Zinth
P. Gilch
How Fast is the Ultrafast Electron Transfer 438(3)
in Solute--Solvent Systems?
P. Gilch
E. Baigar
W. Zinth
M. Stockl
P. Harter
T. von Feilitzsch
M.E. Michel-Beyerle
Photoisomerization of Small Molecules in 441(3)
Solution: Studies of ICN(aq) and NO3-(aq)
D. Madsen
J. Larsen
J.A. Poulsen
J. Thogersen
S.R. Keiding
Ultrafast Intersystem Crossing in a 444(3)
Transition Metal Complex
E.A. Juban
J.K. McCusker
Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Studies of 447(3)
Halooxide Photoisomerization Kinetics
S.C. Hayes
C.C. Cooksey
P.J. Reid
Femtosecond Fluorescence Studies of 450(3)
Two-Dimensional Dynamics of Bridged and
Unbridged Michler's Ketones
E. van Veldhoven
H. Zhang
M. Glasbeek
Ultrafast Pump--Probe and Resonance Raman 453(3)
Spectroscopic Study of Excited State
Electronic Coupling in Two Related
Hexanuclear Charge Transfer Compounds
C.J. Mordas
B.W. Pfennig
E. Schreiber
A.B. Bocarsly
Ring Opening Reaction Dynamics of a 456(3)
Photochromic Diarylethene Derivative
S. Shim
T. Joo
Solvent Control of Electron Transfer 459(3)
E.R. Barthel
I.B. Martini
E. Keszei
B.J. Schwartz
Reexamining CTTS Dynamics of Na- --- 462(3)
Probing the Excited State and Electron
Using Multipulse Pump--Probe
R.J. Sension
Z. Wang
O. Shoshana
B. Hou
S. Ruhman
Ultrafast Site-specific Mid-infrared 465(3)
Spectroscopy of Excited-state
Intramolecular Proton Transfer
M. Rini
A. Kummrow
J. Dreyer
E.T.J. Nibbering
T. Elsaesser
Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics of the 468(3)
Solvated Electron in Liquid Ammonia
A.-N. Unterreiner
J. Lindner
P. Vohringer
Mechanisms for Photodetachment in Water 471(6)
J.A. Kloepfer
V.H. Vilchiz
V.A. Lenchenkov
S.E. Bradforth
Part X: Control and Dynamics of Condensed
Phase Processes
Feedback Control of Photosynthetic Light 477(4)
W. Wohlleben
J.L. Herek
R.J. Cogdell
D. Zeidler
K.-L. Kompa
V. Sundstrom
M. Motzkus
Adaptive Femtosecond Quantum Control in the 481(3)
Liquid Phase
T. Brixner
N.H. Damrauer
P. Niklaus
G. Gerber
Real-time Dynamics of a Breather in 484(3)
Trans-polyacetylene Revealed by 4.7- fs
Visible Pulses
T. Kobayashi
S. Adachi
V.M. Kobryanskii
Control of an Electron Transfer Reaction 487(3)
Using a Sequence of Femtosecond Laser Pulses
I.B. Martini
E.R. Barthel
B.J. Schwartz
Watching and Controlling Intramolecular 490(3)
Energy Flow in Solution: Effects of
Selective Vibrational Excitation and
Chemical Substitution
J. Aßmann
A. Charvat
R. von Benten
B. Abel
Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecular Wires Based 493(3)
on Multiporphyrin Linear Arrays
H.S. Cho
D. Kim
A. Tsuda
A. Osuka
Femtosecond Energy Concentration in 496(3)
Nanosystems Coherently Controlled by
Excitation Phase
M.I. Stockman
S.V. Faleev
D.J. Bergman
Ultrafast Laser-induced Structural Changes 499(3)
in Anisotropic Solids
K. Sokolowski-Tinten
V.V. Temnov
P. Zhou
D. von der Linde
S. Ashitkov
M.B. Agranat
V.E. Fortov
Induced Optical Tunnelling 502(3)
C. Hirlimann
B. Thomas
Wavepacket Interferometry for Energy 505(3)
Transfer: Ultrafast 2D Electronic
D. Kilin
J.A. Cina
Liquid/Glass Solvent Dynamics: from 300 to 508(3)
3 K
K. Lazonder
M.S. Pshenichnikov
D.A. Wiersma
Ultrafast Dephasing of Photoexicited 511(3)
Polarons in Primary Doped Polyaniline
J. Kim
A.-N. Unterreiner
S. Park
N.F. Scherer
Ultrafast Thermalization Dynamics of Water 514(3)
Nanodroplets by Infrared Pump--Probe
G. Seifert
T. Patzlaff
H. Graener
Spectroscopy of Macrocyclic Poly 517(3)
(9,9-dimethyl-2-vinylfluorene) as an
Artificial Light Harvester
J.M. Johnson
X. Chen
A.C. Germaine
X. Zhang
K. Alberty
T.E. Hogen-Esch
S.E. Bradforth
Control of Ground State Dynamics in 520(3)
Polymers with Shaped Pulses
D. Zeidler
S. Frey
W. Wohlleben
M. Motzkus
F. Busch
T. Chen
W. Kiefer
A. Materny
The Role of Nanoaggregate Domains in the 523(3)
Exciton Dynamics of Poly(p-phenylene
C.J. Bardeen
S.H. Lim
T.G. Bjorklund
K.M. Gaab
Electronic Excitation Oscillations in 526(3)
PPV---Femtosecond Luminescence
A. Tortschanoff
F. Milota
J. Sperling
V. Szocs
H.F. Kauffmann
Vibrational Energy Relaxation in H2O 529(3)
A.J. Lock
H.J. Bakker
Two-Color Three Pulse Photon Echo Peak 532(3)
Shift Spectroscopy
R. Agarwal
B.S. Prall
A.H. Rizvi
M. Yang
G.R. Fleming
Probing Solvation Dynamics at Aqueous 535(3)
Lipid-Membrane Interfaces with 3-Pulse
Photon-echo Peak-shifts
H. Bursing
S. Kundu
P. Vohringer
Charge Carrier Recombination in 538(3)
Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) (PFO) Studied by
Electric Field-assisted Femtosecond
T. Virgili
G. Cerullo
C. Gadermaier
L. Luer
G. Lanzani
S. De Silvestri
D.D.C. Bradley
Coherent Control over Collective Polariton 541(5)
Excitations: The Dawn of Polaritonics
T. Feurer
J.C. Vaughan
N.S. Stoyanov
K.A. Nelson
Coherent Valence Fluctuation in 546(5)
Photo-induced Neutral-ionic Transition of a
One-dimensional Charge Transfer Complex
S. Iwai
S. Tanaka
K. Fujinuma
H. Kishida
H. Okamoto
Y. Tokura
Part XI: Multidimensional Spectroscopy and
Diffractive Optics Based Heterodyne 551(3)
Detected Six-wave Mixing: ``Dutch Cross''
Fifth-order Raman
K.J. Kubarych
C.J. Milne
S. Lin
R.J.D. Miller
Heterodyne Detected Fifth-order Nonresonant 554(3)
Raman Spectroscopy of CS2: Evidence for
Anharmonic Coupling
L.J. Kaufman
S. Saito
L.D. Ziegler
I. Ohmine
G.R. Fleming
Femtosecond 2D Fourier Transform Study of 557(3)
Electronic Reorientation in Silicon
W. Qian
A. Albrecht Ferro
R.T. Treglio
D.M. Jonas
Direct Measurement of Vibrational 560(5)
Relaxation and Dephasing of Molecules by
Spectrally Resolved Two-Colour Three-Pulse
Photon Echoes
L.V. Dao
C. Lincoln
M. Lowe
P. Hannaford
Correlated Line Broadening in Three Pulse 565(3)
Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Coupled
R. Venkatramani
S. Mukamel
Two Dimensional Analysis of Integrated 568(3)
Three Pulse Photon Echo
Y. Nagasawa
K. Seike
T. Muromoto
T. Okada
Diffractive Optics-based Heterodyne 571(3)
Detected Three-pulse Photon Echo
J.P. Ogilvie
M.L. Cowan
M. Armstrong
A. Nagy
R.J.D. Miller
Structural Dynamics in Water Probed by 574(3)
Heterodyne-Detected Photon Echo
S. Yeremenko
M.S. Pshenichnikov
D.A. Wiersma
A Mid-infrared Photon Echo Study of Liquid 577(3)
J. Stenger
D. Madsen
P. Hamm
E.T.J. Nibbering
T. Elsaesser
Two-dimensional Visible-infrared Fourier 580(3)
Transform Spectroscopy
N. Belabas
M. Joffre
Coherent Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform 583(3)
Infrared Spectroscopy
M. Khalil
N. Demirdoven
A. Tokmakoff
Femtosecond Study of Vibrational 586(3)
Self-Trapping in Crystalline Acetanilide
J. Edler
P. Hamm
Correlated Vibrational Dynamics in Solution 589(3)
Studied by Two-dimensional Fourier
Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
N. Demirdoven
M. Khalil
A. Tokmakoff
Local Structure and Dynamics of Liquid 592(5)
Acetone by Heterodyned 2D IR Spectroscopy
N.-H. Ge
M.T. Zanni
R.M. Hochstrasser
Part XII: Ultrafast Dynamics in Biology
Dynamics of Peptide Structures by Multiple 597(5)
Pulse 2D IR Spectroscopy
R.M. Hochstrasser
J. Chang
J.-X. Chen
N.-H. Ge
Y.-S. Kim
J. Park
I. Rubtsov
M.T. Zanni
Watching a Protein as it Functions: 602(3)
Real-time Observations Using Picosecond
F. Schotte
M. Wulff
P. Anfinrud
Primary Processes of Ligand Dissociation in 605(3)
Heme Proteins
M. Armstrong
J.P. Ogilvie
M.L. Cowan
A.M. Nagy
R.J.D. Miller
CARS Microscopy: 3D Vibrational Imaging of 608(3)
Proteins, DNA, and Lipids in Living Cells
J.-X. Cheng
X.S. Xie
Ultrafast Elementary Events in the Excited 611(3)
State of Wild-type Green-Fluorescent Protein
K. Winkler
M. Seidel
P. Vohringer
Real-time Observation of Conformational 614(5)
Dynamics in Peptide Folding
W. Zinth
S. Sporlein
H. Carstens
C. Renner
R. Behrendt
L. Moroder
P. Tavan
J. Wachtveitl
Multidimensional Nonlinear Spectroscopy of 619(3)
Conformational Relaxation in Azobenzene
R. Venkatramani
T. Hayashi
S. Mukamel
Coherent Vibrational Dynamics of Green 622(3)
Fluorescent Proteins and Blue Copper
G. Cerullo
M. Zavelani-Rossi
S. De Silvestri
V. Pellegrini
F. Beltram
S. Cannistraro
Vibrational Dynamics, Mode Coupling and 625(3)
Structure of Acetylproline and Other
I.V. Rubtsov
J. Wang
R.M. Hochstrasser
Energy Relaxation of Carotenoids in 628(3)
Solution and in LH2 Complexes Studied with
Sub-10-fs Temporal Resolution
G. Cerullo
D. Polli
G. Lanzani
S. De Silvestri
H. Hashimoto
R.J. Cogdell
Early Events in Ligand Dissociation 631(3)
Dynamics in Myoglobin: An Infrared Study
T. Polack
M.H. Vos
J.-L. Martin
A. Alexandrou
Transition States in Bacteriorhodopsin 634(3)
during Retinal Isomerization Observed by
Sub-5-fs Pulses
T. Kobayashi
T. Saito
H. Ohtani
Investigating Excited State Dynamics in 637(3)
Bacteriorhodopsin by Impulsive Stimulated
Emission Pumping
S. Ruhman
B. Hou
M. Ottolenghi
N. Friedman
M. Sheves
Vibrational Dynamics upon Photoexcitation 640(3)
of Native Bacteriorhodopsin (bR) and of the
All-trans- locked bR5.12
R. Diller
J. Herbst
K. Heyne
M. Ottolenghi
N. Friedman
M. Sheves
Coherent Oscillations in Photoisomerization 643(3)
Reaction Dynamics of Photoactive Yellow
Protein (PYP) and Related Systems
H. Chosrowjan
S. Taniguchi
N. Mataga
N. Hamada
F. Tokunaga
Y. Imamoto
M. Kataoka
Protein Dynamics of Bacteriorhodopsin 646(3)
Probed by Photon Echo and Transient
Absorption Spectroscopy
J.T.M. Kennis
D.S. Larsen
K. Ohta
M.T. Facciotti
R.M. Glaeser
G.R. Fleming
Two-Photon Standing Wave Patterned 649(6)
Photobleaching to Probe DNA Dynamics in
Live Cells
C.J. Bardeen
S.K. Davis
Part XIII: Applications of Ultrashort Pulses
Ultrahigh-Resolution Distance Meter Using a 655(5)
Frequency Comb of a Femtosecond Mode-Locked
K. Minoshima
T. Tomita
Y. Yamaoka
H. Matsumoto
Ultrahigh Resolution Optical Coherence 660(3)
Tomography Using Novel Femtosecond Lasers
I. Hartl
A.M. Kowalevicz
P.-L. Hsiung
T.H. Ko
T. Schibli
F.X. Kartner
J.G. Fujimoto
T.A. Birks
W.J. Wadsworth
U. Bunting
D. Kopf
Functional Device Fabrication by Nonlinear 663(3)
Material Processing of Glass with a
Femtosecond Laser Oscillator
K. Minoshima
A.M. Kowalevicz
E.P. Ippen
J.G. Fujimoto
Nanostructuring of Transparent Materials 666(3)
with Femtosecond Laser Pulses
F. Korte
J. Koch
S. Nolte
C. Fallnich
B.N. Chichkov
Demonstration of the High Temporal and 669(3)
Spatial Resolution in Junction-mixing
Ultrafast Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
D.A. Yarotski
A.J. Taylor
Gouy Phase Shift of Single-cycle Picosecond 672(3)
Acoustic Pulses
N.C.R. Holme
M.T. Myaing
T.B. Norris
Ultrashort-pulse-laser Ablation of Metals: 675(3)
Significant Changes in Ablation Rates with
R. Lausten
J.A. Olesen
K. Vestentoft
P. Balling
Sub-Micrometer Pulsetrain Machining of 678(3)
Diamond-like Amorphous Carbon Films with
Femtosecond Pulses of a Ti:sapphire Laser
S. Lako
P. Apai
I. Pocsik
E. Wintner
R. Szipcs
Two-Photon Polymerization of Photosensitive 681(3)
Resins with Femtosecond Pulses and
Fabrication of Microoptical Devices and
Photonic Structures
J. Serbin
C. Fallnich
B.N. Chichkov
Widely Tunable Femtosecond Pulses from a 684(3)
Tapered Fiber for Ultrafast Microscopy and
Multiphoton Applications
J.E. Jureller
N.F. Scherer
T.A. Birks
W.J. Wadsworth
P.St.J. Russell
Femtosecond Pump--Probe Spectroscopy Using 687(3)
a Two-dimensional Smart Pixel Detector Array
S. Bourquin
R.P. Prasankumar
U. Morgner
F. Kartner
T. Lasser
R.P. Salathe
J.G. Fujimoto
The Control of Optical Damage Threshold by 690(3)
the Chirp of Ultraviolet Femtosecond Pulses
H. Murakami
S. Ono
Y. Suzuki
T. Kozeki
H. Ohtake
S. Koshihara
N. Sarukura
Index of Contributors 693