Advances in Down Syndrome Research (Journal of Neural Transmission Suppl.67) (2003. 230 p.)


Advances in Down Syndrome Research (Journal of Neural Transmission Suppl.67) (2003. 230 p.)

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Special edition of "Journal of Neural Transmission", Suppl. 67, 2003.

Full Description

"Advances in Down Syndrome Research" represents updated research in several areas of Down Syndrome (DS).
A new promising animal model of DS is reported and this opens new opportunities to study pathomechanisms and pharmacological approaches as it is more than difficult to carry out studies in humans and the clinical features are highly variable. In terms of biology, cell cycle and stem cell studies and in terms of biochemistry, relevance of studies on a specific protein kinase, channels, transporters, superoxide dismutase, antioxidant system, chromosome assembly factor and other important biological structures are provided. And again, the gene dosage hypothesis is addressed and although the vast majority of chromosome 21 gene products is unchanged in fetal DS brain, a few specific chromosome 21 encoded structures including transcription factors are indeed overexpressed although findings in fetal DS are different from those in adult DS brain when Alzheimer-like neuropathology supervenes.

Table of Contents

    A new mouse model for Down syndrome            1  (20)
Kazuki, Y.
Schulz, T. C.
Shinohara, T.
Kadota, M.
Nishigaki, R.
Inoue, T.
Kimura, M.
Kai, Y.
Abe, S.
Shirayoshi, Y.
Oshimura, M.
Predicting pathway perturbations in Down 21 (18)
Gardiner, K.
Aberrant protein expression of 39 (12)
transcription factors BACH1 and ERG, both
encoded on chromosome 21. in brains of
patients with Down syndrome and Alzheimer's
Shim, K. S.
Ferrando-Miguel, R.
Lubec, G.
Cell cycle and cell size regulation in Down 51 (8)
Syndrome cells
Rosner, M.
Kowalska, A.
Freilinger, A.
Prusa, A-R.
Marton, E.
Hengstschlager, M.
Transcription factor REST dependent 59 (8)
proteins are comparable between Down
Syndrome and control brains: challenging a
Sohn, S. Y.
Weitzdoerfer, R.
Mori, N.
Lubec, G.
An altered antioxidant balance occurs in 67 (18)
Down syndrome fetal organs: implications
for the ``gene dosage effect'' hypothesis
de Haan, J. B.
Susil, B.
Pritchard, M.
Kola, I.
Overexpression of C1-tetrahydrofolate 85 (10)
synthase in fetal Down Syndrome brain
Fountoulakis, M.
Gulesserian, T.
Lubec, G.
Increased expression of human reduced 95 (10)
folate carrier in fetal Down syndrome brain
Lubec, G.
Bajo, M.
Cheon, M. S.
Bajova, H.
Matherly, L. H.
Chromosome 21 KIR channels in brain 105(12)
Thiery, E.
Thomas, S.
Vacher, S.
Delezoide, A.-L.
Delabar, J. M.
Creau, N.
Reduction of chromatin assembly factor 1 117(12)
p60 and C21orf2 protein, encoded on
chromosome 21, in Down Syndrome brain
Shim, K. S.
Bergelson, J. M.
Furuse, M.
Ovod, V.
Krude, T.
Lubec, G.
The MNB/DYRK1A protein kinase: 129(10)
neurobiological functions and Down syndrome
Hammerle, B.
Elizalde, C.
Galceran, J.
Becker, W.
Tejedor, F. J.
The MNB/DYRK1A protein kinase: genetic and 139(10)
biochemical properties
Galceran, J.
de Graaf, K.
Tejedor, F. J.
Becker, W.
Cytoskeleton derangement in brain of 149(10)
patients with Down Syndrome, Alzheimer's
disease and Pick's disease
Pollak, D.
Cairns, N.
Lubec, G.
The cerebral cortex in Fetal Down Syndrome 159(6)
Unterberger, U.
Lubec, G.
Dierssen, M.
Stoltenburg-Didinger, G.
Farreras, J. C.
Budka, H.
Polysomnography in transgenic hSOD1 mice as 165(8)
Down syndrome model
Colas, D.
London, J.
Cespuglio, R.
Sarda, N.
Spectrum of cognitive, behavioural and 173(20)
emotional problems in children and young
adults with Down syndrome
Nicham, R.
Weitzdorfer, R.
Hauser, E.
Freidl, M.
Schubert, M.
Wurst, E.
Lubec, G.
Seidl, R.
Overexpression of transcription factor 193(14)
BACH1 in fetal Down Syndrome brain
Ferrando-Miguel, R.
Cheon, M. S.
Yang, J.-W.
Lubec, G.
Down syndrome and associated congenital 207(8)
Shapiro, B. L.
RNA Microarray analysis of channels and 215(10)
transporters in normal and fetal Down
Syndrome (trisomy 21) brain
Lubec, G.
Sohn, S. Y.
Heart type fatty acid binding protein 225(10)
(H-FABP) is decreased in brains of patients
with Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease
Cheon, M. S.
Kim, S. H.
Fountoulakis, M.
Lubec, G.
Stem cell marker expression in human 235
trisomy 21 amniotic fluid cells and
Prusa, A.-R.
Marton, E.
Rosner, M.
Freilinger, A.
Bernaschek, G.
Hengstschlager, M.