Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generational Space Ships (Apogee Books Space Series)

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Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generational Space Ships (Apogee Books Space Series)

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 208 p.
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Full Description

"Ron Rege is one of a handful of cartoonists in the history of the medium not only to reinvent comics to suit his own idiosyncratic impulses and inspirations as an artist, but also to imbue it with his own peculiar, ever-changing emotional energy. To me, he is unquestionably one of 'the greats.'" --Chris Ware
"" "The Awake Field" is a collection of Rege's reflections of small-town life during a recent two-year sabbatical in a coastal community in southern Rhode Island. Short stories collide and swirl together, leaving visions of mysterious creatures floating through lush landscapes, pantomimed fairy tales, hypnotic dances, Bible quotations, and peace comics--all in Rege's idiosyncratic abstract poetic cartoon language.

Table of Contents

Dedication: To Charles Sheffield and Robert        6  (1)
by the Editors 6 (1)
by Yoji Kondo 7 (13)
PART I: Physical Sciences & Technology Section
Fly Me to the Stars: Interstellar Travel in
Fact and Fiction
by Charles Sheffield 20 (9)
Ad Astra!
by Robert Forward 29 (23)
The Ultimate Exploration: A Review of
Propulsion Concepts for Interstellar Flight
by Geoffrey Landis 52 (10)
Colonizing Other Words
by Joe Haldeman 62 (7)
Why We Must Go
by Doug Beason 69 (11)
PART II: Anthropology, Genetics & Linguistics
Kin-Based Crews for Interstellar
Multi-Generation Space Travel
by John H Moore 80 (9)
Genetic Considerations in Multi-Generational
Space Travel
by Dennis H. O'Rourke 89 (11)
Language Change and Cultural Continuity on
Multi-Generational Space Ships
by Sarah G. Thomason 100(5)
PART III: Looking for Life in Unlikely Places
Looking for Life in Unlikely Places
by Freeman J. Dyson 105(17)
PART IV: Memories of Charles Sheffield and
Robert Forward
Remembering Charles Sheffield
by Yoji Kondo 122(1)
Reminiscences: Bob Forward
by Geoffrey Landis 123