Constitutional and Administrative Law (4TH)


Constitutional and Administrative Law (4TH)

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Full Description

Much of the extensive programme of constitutional reform commenced by the current government has been achieved. Devolution is now well established,reforms to the electoral process and political party funding have been addressed, a Freedom of Information Act has been enacted and the House of Lords has been partially reformed. Of the reforms the most significant and far-reaching is the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998, the impact of which has been felt across numerous areas of domestic law. The fourth edition of Hilaire Barnetts popular textbook provides a timely and comprehensive update on the impact of these;brgt;lt;brgt; lt;igt;Constitutional and Administrative Lawlt;lt;/igt;gt; provides a clear exposition of the major features of the UKs constitution and a comprehensive summary of recent developments. The book has been consciously designed to meet the needs of students undertaking a constitutional and administrative law course, whether full or part time, and provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus drawn from a wide range of;brgt;lt;brgt; From September 2002, Constitutional and Administrative Law will be supported by a Companion Website, created to keep the book up to date and to provide enhanced resources for both students and lecturers.


1. Introduction: The Scope of Constitutional Law; 2. Sources of the Constitution; 3. The Evolution of the Structure of the United Kingdom; 4. The Rule of Law; 5. The Separation of Powers; 6. The Royal Prerogative; 7. Parliamentary Sovereignty; 8. European Community & Union: Structure & Institutions; 9. European Community Law and National Law; 10. Central Government; 11. Responsible Government; 12. Regional and Local Government; 13. Parliament: The Electoral System; 14. Parliament: Introduction to the House of Commons; 15. The Legislative Process; 16. Scrutiny of the Executive; 17. The House of Lords; 18. Parliamentary Privilege; 19. The Protection of Human Rights; 20. Freedom from Discrimination: Racial & Sexual Equality; 21. Freedom of Association & Assembly; 22. Citizenship, Immigration and Extradition; 23. State Security; 24. Judicial Review: Jurisdiction and Procedure; 25. The Grounds for Judicial Review; 26. Commissioners for Administration: 'Ombudsmen'; 27. Appendix I: Monarchs of Britain; 28. Appendix II: Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom; 29. Appendix III: Membership of the Commonwealth.