English Reformation : The Effect on a Nation (Studymates) (ILL)

English Reformation : The Effect on a Nation (Studymates) (ILL)

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At the beginning of the 21st century, especially for those of an English-speaking Christian background, religion is not very central to life. So, the Reformation period is often of remote interest for what relevance could it possibly have to our world? Of course, this is precisely the point. English society (and the English Church) is the way it is largely because of the changes brought about under the Tudors. This means that to understand the modern world, we must understand how it evolved. You must understand that the church and society were not always as they are in the 21st century. This may seem obvious but, for all that, it still needs to be firmly grasped before you can truly appreciate the magnitude of the topic.


The book explains *Why we need to study the Tudor Reformation -The 7 common abuses in the pre-reformation church *Why Henry VIII's divorce was regarded as - How Anne Boleyn used her influence on the King necessary and how it was achieved, *The key doctrinal and ceremonial issues - How post supremacy radicals tried to motivate Henry *The 3 problems inherent in using the Bible - Luther's 4 problems with the 7 sacraments *The 5 other reasons for the dissolution of theMonasteries -The 3 elements of dissolution *The 3 aspects of the influence of Edward Seymour -The 7 aspects of the 1547 injunctions *The 4 consequences of the 1547 session -The 7 aspects of Cranmer's (First) Book of Prayer *The 4 influences of John Dudley -The coercion of the Bishops *The role of Parliament under Dudley - The importance of Lady Jane Grey *The 3 solid reasons that explain Jane and Dudley's failure -Mary 1's religious views *The Spanish Marriage and the 3 practical advantages for England -The 3 religious aspects to the Wyatts Rebellion *Elizabeth 1 and the settlement -'Nosy' Parker and the 39 articles *The Vestiarian Controversy *Parliament and the Ridolfi, Throckmorton and Babington Plots -The Pope's ' Contract' on Elizabeth 1 *The 5 elements of Henry's structural change to -The influence of the Douai priests and the Jesuits English Religion