Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom (New Thinking in Political Economy)

Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom (New Thinking in Political Economy)

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Full Description

Richard Ebeling's insightful and highly readable book explains and applies the ideas of the Austrian economists to a wide range of contemporary public policy issues. He combines intellectual political-economic history with the modern Austrian theory of the market process to challenge the premises and uses of mainstream neoclassical economics.He shows the continuities between the positive contributions of the classical economists and the Austrian's in contrast to the neoclassical conceptions of man, the market economy and theory-formation for policy applications. Particular emphasis is given to the Austrian view of the human actor as creative innovator and planner who changes his world to improve his circumstances in comparison to the neoclassical idea of man as a passive economizer within given constraints. The Austrian approach is applied to the problems of the regulated economy, socialist central planning, the welfare state, monetary policy, international trade, and the hundred-year conflict between classical liberalism and collectivism.Economists, historians of thought and policy analysts will find this collection of essays illuminating.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    viii
Introduction 1 (13)
1 How economics became the dismal science: the 14 (20)
classical economists and 20th-century economics
2 The significance of Austrian economics in 34 (27)
20th-century economic thought
3 A rational economist in an irrational age: 61 (40)
Ludwig von Mises
4 Economic calculation under socialism: Ludwig 101 (35)
von Mises and his predecessors
5 Ludwig von Mises and the gold standard 136 (23)
6 Classical liberalism and collectivism in the 159 (20)
20th century
7 The political myths and economic realities of 179 (24)
the welfare state
8 The free market and the interventionist 203 (28)
state: the political economy of public policy
9 The limits of economic policy: the Austrian 231 (16)
economists and the German ORDO liberals
10 The global economy and classical liberalism: 247 (35)
past, present and future
Index 282