U.S. Army Explosives and Demolitions Handbook


U.S. Army Explosives and Demolitions Handbook

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Full Description

Military demolitions are the destruction by fire, water, explosive, and mechanical means of areas, structures, facilities, or materials to accomplish a military objective. The U.S. Army Explosives and Demolitions Handbook is a guide to the use of explosives in the destruction of military obstacles from the Department of the U.S. Army. This guide includes information on types, characteristics, and uses of explosives and auxiliary equipment; preparation, placement, and firing of charges; safety precautions; handling, transportation, and storage of explosives; deliberate and hasty demolition methods; and much more.Applicable to nuclear and nonnuclear warfare, and having offensive and defensive uses, the knowledge one will come away with from reading this handbook is invaluable.

Table of Contents

  Explosives and Demolitions
Chapter 1 Demolition Materials
Section I Introduction 3 (1)
Section II Military explosives and 3 (19)
special charges
Section III Demolition accessories 22 (36)
Chapter 2 Firing Systems
Section I Nonelectrie firing system 58 (2)
Section II Electric firing system 60 (11)
Section III Detonating cord priming 71 (8)
Section IV Dual firing systems 79 (6)
Chapter 3 Calculation and Placement of
Section I Introduction 85 (1)
Section II Timber cutting charges 85 (2)
Section III Steel-cutting charges 87 (8)
Section IV Pressure charges 95 (2)
Section V Breaching charges 97 (2)
Section VI Cratering and ditching charges 99 (7)
Section VII Land clearing and quarrying 106(3)
Chapter 4 Demolition Projects
Section I Demolition plan 109(13)
Section II Techniques common to most 122(1)
Section III Bridge demolitions 123(18)
Section IV Damaging transportation lines 141(4)
Section V Damaging communications systems 145(1)
Section VI Destruction of buildings and 146(1)
Section VII Destruction of equipment and 147(2)
Chapter 5 Safe Handling, Transportation,
and Storage of Explosives
Section I General safety precautions 149(1)
Section II Transportation, storage, and 150(3)
Appendix A References 153(1)
Appendix B Metric Charge Calculations 154(3)
Appendix C Use of Land Mines, Aerial Bombs, and 157(3)
Shells as Demolition Charges
Appendix D Summary of Explosive Calculation 160(2)
Appendix E Power Requirements for Series Firing 162(4)
Appendix F Special Demolition Materials and 166(13)
Index 179