Development of a Chess Master : 55 Steps to Chess Success

Development of a Chess Master : 55 Steps to Chess Success

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Full Description

Learn to improve your play by cutting down on tactical and strategic mistakes. Using examples of his own games, Schiller illustrates the types of errors typically found at each stage of chess development, from early scholastic games to professional encounters with Grandmasters. Learn from the author's mistakes and you won't suffer the terrible fate that awaits most blunders! The thinking player's guide that shows players how to take their game to the next level and become a master!

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       7  (4)
Brief Notes on Chess Notation
Lessons In Basic Tactics 11 (14)
Forgetting About the Edges
Pins, Forks and Other Objects of Torture
The Analysis Ain't Done `Till You Stick A
Fork In It
Liberation and Revolution
The Opponent Is No Dummy!
Know All the Mating Positions!
Lessons In Basic Strategy 25 (22)
The Opening Revolves Around the Center
Don't Stop Analyzing When You Win Material!
Is It Time To Attack Yet?
Do Not Put Off Until Next Move That Which
Can Be Done Right Away!
Overly Optimistic Sacrifice
Lessons In the Opening 47 (26)
Be Prepared!
Prepare Deeply
Don't Get Seduced By A Promising Line!
Garbage Stinks!
Don't Improvise Your Way Into Opening Traps!
Don't Break Too Soon!
Lessons In the Middlegame 73 (30)
Bad Timing
Lacking the Finishing Touch
Too Clever By Half
Greed Kills
Confusionary Riff
Survival Is Not A Temporary Occupation!
Yes, You Can Sacrifice On an Empty Square!
Positional Weaknesses Undiagnosed
Nervous Moves
Lessons in the Endgame 103(22)
Know All the Basic King and Pawn Positions!
Bishops of Opposite Colors Don't Always Draw
Excessive Ambition
Forgetting To Play A Necessary Move
Eyes For the Wrong Square
Adjournment Analysis Debugged At the Board
Lessons Learned! 125(64)
Opening Preparation
Prepare Deeply!
Inspiration as Preparation
The Roundabout Attack
Speculative Play Rewarded
An Unusual Stalemate
Endgame Technique
Final Thoughts 189(2)
Opponents Index 191