Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Ultimate Guides) (2ND)


Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Ultimate Guides) (2ND)

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Full Description

This is the new edition of this infamous and authoritative anal sex guide for women. Described by Salon as "the bible of female anal sex", "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women", is a comprehensive and creative guide to anal pleasure. Tristan Taormino offers the kind of informed reassurance that can encourage even an absolute beginner to explore this nerve-rich part of the body, either alone or with a partner of any gender. Readers will welcome Taormino's sense of adventure and her detailed discussions of toys, fantasy play and positions. Beginning by dispelling common myths about anal eroticism, Taormino goes on to illustrate anatomy, give tips on building trust and communicating desires and provide reliable, easy-to-understand information on safety, preparation and hygiene. In a new feature, Taormino answers actual reader questions.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Confessions of a Backdoor            xi
Betty...Eight Years Later
CHAPTER 1: 12 Myths About Anal Sex 1 (8)
Myth #1: Anal sex is unnatural, wrong, and
Myth #2: Only sluts, perverts, and weirdos
have anal sex.
Myth #3: The ass is exit only擁t's not an
erogenous zone.
Myth #4: Anal sex is dirty and messy.
Myth #5: Only gay men have anal sex.
Myth #6: Straight men who like anal sex are
really gay.
Myth #7: Anal sex hurts.
Myth #8: Women don't like anal sex.
Myth #9: Anal sex is dangerous and unhealthy.
Myth #10: If you have lots of anal sex,
you'll end up in adult diapers.
Myth #11: Anal sex is the easiest way to get
Myth #12: Anal sex is naughty.
Replacing Myths with Truths
CHAPTER 2: Our Asses, Ourselves: Anal Anatomy 9 (9)
The Anus
The Anal Sphincters and PC Muscles
The Anal Canal and the Rectum
The G-spot
The Prostate
CHAPTER 3: Beyond Our Bodies: Emotional and 18 (7)
Psychological Aspects of Anal Eroticism
Talking About It
Trust and Power
CHAPTER 4: Preparing the Ass for Pleasure
Manicured Nails
Shaving and Waxing 25 (5)
CHAPTER 5: Enemas 30 (16)
Plastic Bottle and Bulb Syringe Enemas
Enema Bags and Accessories
Using an Enema Bag
Shower Attachment Enemas
Enema Do's and Don'ts
Cleaning Enema Equipment
Enema Ingredients
CHAPTER 6: Safer Sex 46 (11)
Oral Sex Barriers
The Female Condom
Making Toys Safe
Other Safety Precautions
Protecting Yourself
CHAPTER 7: Lubricants 57 (8)
Oil- or Vegetable-Based Lube
Desensitizing Lube
Water-Based Lube
Silicone Lube
How to Use Lube
CHAPTER 8: Anal Sex Toys 65 (19)
Anal Beads and Bead Toys
Butt Plugs
Anal Probes and Vibrating Toys
Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses
Inflatable Toys
Anal Toy Tips
Sex Toy Materials, Care, and Cleaning
CHAPTER 9: Doing It for Yourself: Anal 84 (6)
Why You Should Masturbate
How to Masturbate
CHAPTER 10: Let Your Tongue Do the Walking: 90 (5)
Analingus Tips and Techniques
Analingus and Safer Sex
CHAPTER 11: Anal Penetration 95 (24)
Beginning Penetration
Penetration with Penises, Dildos, and Bigger
Double Penetration
Anal Sex Positions
CHAPTER 12: Anal Pleasure for Men 119(6)
Gender Roles and Psychology
Prostate Stimulation
Just for Men: The Aneros
A Different Kind of Orgasm
CHAPTER 13: BDSM and Anal Play 125(18)
BDSM: The Basics
Butt Plugs and BDSM
Anal Training
Psychological Play
Maintaining the D/s Dynamic
Penetration by Consensual Force
Erotic Enema Play
CHAPTER 14: Butt Bondage: Long-Term Butt Plug 143(10)
Tips for Wearing a Butt Plug
Keeping It In
Bondage 101(52)
Bondage Tape Butt Plug Harness
Rope Bondage Harness
Leather Butt Plug Harness
How Long Is Too Long?
CHAPTER 15: The Art of Anal Fisting 153(20)
My Personal Philosophy
Preparation and Safety
Keep It Real: Communication and Expectations
There's No Such Thing as Too Much Lube
Positions for Fisting
Work Your Way In
Four Fingers and Beyond
Once You're In
CHAPTER 16: Troubleshooting: Common Issues and 173(8)
CHAPTER 17: Anal Health, Anal Ailments, and STDs 181(16)
Anal Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Anal Ailments
Anal Wellness
CHAPTER 18: The Ultimate Frontier 197(2)
CHAPTER 19: Resource Guide 199(12)
Enema Equipment and Information
Shopping Guide
Index 211(10)
About the Author 221(1)
About the Illustrator 221