Critical Thinking and Reasoning : Current Research, Theory, and Practice (Perspectives on Creativity)

Critical Thinking and Reasoning : Current Research, Theory, and Practice (Perspectives on Creativity)

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Full Description

THE CHAPTERS and discussions in the volume integrate the various perspectives on critical thinking and stimulate new thinking about thinking. Chapters in the first section present several issues that concern critical thinking, and discuss the lack of core concepts and structures in the field of teaching and critical thinking. Chapter 4 describes Sternberg's theory on how people think. The next three chapters focus on the learning and development of critical thinking and reasoning. Chapters 10 to 12 focus on the teaching of critical thinking, and Chapters 14 though 16 focus on the assessment of critical thinking. The epilogue discusses neglected issues in critical thinking.


INTRODUCTION. Critical Thinking: Origins, Historical Development, Future Directions, Daniel Fasko, Jr. THEORIES. The Philosophy of Critical Thinking and informal Logic. Michael Scriven. Communities for Developing Minds, Arthur L. Costa. Styles of Thinking, Robert J. Sternberg. Critical Thinking Et TU, Jack Lochhead and Judith Collison. LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT. Learning New Problem Solving Strategies by Observing and Explaining, Kevin Crowley. Using a Complex Rule in Different Domains: When Familiar Schemes Don't Help, Merry Bullock, Gertrud Nunner-Winkler, Elsbeth Stern, Alejandro Lopez, and Albert Ziegler. Critical Thinking in Adulthood, Stephen Brookfield. The Development of Thinking: Commentary, Henry Markovits. CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION. Chaos in the Classroom: The New Science Applied to Instructional Practice, Thomasina DePinto Piercy and William Piercy. Infusing Critical and Creative Thinking into Instruction in High School Classrooms, Robert Swartz. Critical Thinking in Colleges and Universities: A Model, George M. Luckey, Jr. Some Foundational Thoughts on Critical Thinking Practice, Mark Weinstein. ASSESSMENT. Critical Thinking Assessment, Robert H. Ennis. The Meaning of Critical Thinking Test Performance: The Effects of Abilities and Dispositions on Scores, Stephen P. Norris. What Can Performance-Based Assessment Tell Us About Students' Reasoning? Michal S. Lomask and Joan Boycoff Baron. The "How" and "Why" of Critical Thinking Assessment, Diane Halpern. EPILOGUE. Neglected Issues in the Field of Critical Thinking, Vincent Ryan Ruggiero. Author Index Subject Index.