Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy : A Manual of the Experiential Method (The Practicing Professional)

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Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy : A Manual of the Experiential Method (The Practicing Professional)

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1996.

Full Description

Examining the actual moment-to-moment process of therapy, this volume provides specific ways for therapists to engender effective movement, particularly in those difficult times when nothing seems to be happening. The book concentrates on the ongoing client therapist relationship and ways in which the therapist's responses can stimulate and enable a client's capacity for direct experiencing and focusing. Throughout, the client therapist relationship is emphasized, both as a constant factor and in terms of how the quality of the relationship is manifested at specific times. The author also shows how certain relational responses can turn some difficulties into moments of relational therapy.


1. Introduction
I. Focusing and Listening
2. Dead Ends
3. Eight Characteristics of an Experiential Process Step
4. What the Client Does to Enable an Experiential Step
to Come
5. What a Therapist Can Do to Engender an Experiential
6. The Crucial Bodily Attention
7. Focusing
8. Excerpts from Teaching Focusing
9. Problems of Teaching Focusing during Therapy
10. Excerpts from One Client's Psychotherapy
II. Integrating Other Therapeutic Methods
11. A Unified View of the Field through Focusing and the
Experiential Method
12. Working with the Body: A New and Freeing Energy
13. Role Play
14. Experiential Dream Interpretation
15. Imagery
16. Emotional Catharsis, Reliving
17. Action Steps
18. Cognitive Therapy
19. A Process View of the Superego
20. The Life-Forward Direction
21. Values
22. It Fills Itself In
23. The Client Therapist Relationship
24. Should We Call It Therapy?