Literature and Culture in Late Byzantine Thessalonica


Literature and Culture in Late Byzantine Thessalonica

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Full Description

The 'long' fourteenth century perhaps can be seen as Thessalonica's heyday. Alongside its growing commercial prowess, the city was developing into an important centre of government, where members of the Byzantine imperial family of the Palaiologoi ruled independently under full imperial titles, striking coinage and following an increasingly autonomous external policy. It was also developing into a formidable centre for letters, education, and artistic expression, due in part to Palaiologan patronage. This volume sets out the political and commercial landscape of Thessalonica between 1303 and 1430, when the city fell to the Ottoman Turks, before focusing on the literary and hymnographical aspects of the city's cultural history and its legacy. The cosmopolitan nature of urban life in Thessalonica, the polyphony of opinions it experienced and expressed, its multiple links with centres such as Constantinople, Adrianople, Athos, Lemnos and Lesvos, and the diversity and strength of its authorial voices make the study of the city's cultural life a vital part of our understanding of the Byzantine Eastern Mediterranean.

Table of Contents

        List of Maps                               vi
List of Illustrations vii
Prologue: Where is Thessalonica? xi
Part I Setting the Scene
1 Methodology, Parameters and Subject Matter 3 (20)
2 Thessalonica: Historical and Geographical 23 (38)
Part II Byzantine Hymnography as a Signifier
of Civic Identity in Thessalonica
3 Symeon of Thessalonica and the Sung 61 (24)
Thessalonian Rite
4 A Byzantine Hymn to St Demetrius as an 85 (20)
Example of Civic Identity
Part III Legacies of the Thessalonian
Byzantine Culture
5 Andronikos Kallistos: An Intellectual 105(34)
Biography of an Emigre from Thessalonica
6 An Akathistos Hymn to St Demetrius: An 139(10)
Example of Post-Byzantine Devotion
Part IV Auxiliary Materials 149(2)
Maps 151(4)
Illustrations 155(4)
Learning Resources 159(2)
Appendix I 161(2)
Appendix II 163(3)
Appendix III 166(3)
Appendix IV 169(4)
Appendix V 173(18)
Appendix VI 191(2)
Index 193