Buildings, Culture and Environment : Informing Local and Global Practices

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Buildings, Culture and Environment : Informing Local and Global Practices

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Full Description

TThe book focuses on key issues for present and future practice and research needs related to advancing the environmental performance of buildings and addresses the role regional culture plays in the successful (or otherwise) process of exchanging and adapting environmental practices and standards in the built environment.


Preface. Contributors. 1. IntroductionDesign (Raymond J. Cole and Richard Lorch). SECTION I: UNDERSTANDING CONTEXT. 2. Section Introduction: Understanding Context (Ian Cooper). 3. Globalisation -- Entangled Places, Interface Buildings, Generic Design (Rob Shields). 4. Trading Places -- Sharing Knowledge About Environmental Building Techniques (David M. Gann). 5. Green Buildings -- Reconciling Technological Change and Occupant Expectations (Raymond J. Cole). 6. Cultural Issues for a Sustainable Built Environment (Niklaus Kohler). 7. Section Commentary: What is the Problem (Ian Cooper). SECTION II: UNDERSTANDING EXPECTATIONS. 8. Section Introduction: Understanding Expectations (Nick V. Baker). 9. The Role of the Client in Shaping the Satisfactory Outcome of the Construction Process (George Seaden). 10. User Needs and Expectations (Adrian Leaman). 11. Historical and Cultural Influences on Comfort Expectations (Gail S. Brager and Richard J. de Dear). 12. BEQUEST -- An International Cross--Cultural Cooperation and Information Exchange (Steve Curwell). 13. Section Commentary: Reconciling Expectations (Nick V. Baker). SECTION III: UNDERSTANDING PROCESS. 14. Section Introduction: Understanding Process (Jeffrey Cook). 15. Technology Transfer -- A Vernacular View (Paul Oliver). 16. Social and Organisational Understanding of Stakeholder Interests (Pascale Michaud). 17. Contemporary Chinese Architectural and Planning Practice -- Aspirations and Challenges (Joe Carter). 18. A Bio--Regional Approach to Environmental Building -- A Case Study of the KST House (David H. Cohen, Akira Yamaguchi and John D. Spengler). 19. Cultural Aspects of Environmental Housing in Japan (Kazuo Iwamura). 20. Section Commentary: Understanding Delivery Processes (Jeffrey Cook). SECTION IV. AFTERWORD. 21. Afterword: Towards a New Social Contract (Steve Curwell). Index.