The European Union: Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration (The European Union Series) (3RD)

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The European Union: Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration (The European Union Series) (3RD)

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Part I: Visions of a United Europe / Part II: Early Currents in Integration Theory / Part III: Current Debates in Integration Theory.

Full Description

This new edition of a reader on European integration makes conveniently available to students the key texts of politicians and scholars. The first section presents the visions of the primary shapers of the Union, now including the reflections of current European leaders on a constitution for Europe. The second section brings together the classics of EU studies as scholars struggled to apply the contending approaches of federalism, functionalism, neofunctionalism and inter-governmentalism to understand postwar European integration. The third comprehensively revised and updated section explores theoretical developments in scholarship.


Preface PART I: VISIONS OF A UNITED EUROPE Ventotene Manifesto; A.Spinelli& E.Rossi The Tragedy of Europe; W.S.Churchill The Schuman Declaration; R.Schuman Preambles to the Treaties Establishing the European Communities (Treaties of Paris and Rome) A Ferment of Change; J.Monnet A Concert of European States; Gaulle Preamble to the Single European Act A Family of Nations; M.Thatcher A Necessary Union; J.Delors Preamble to the Treaty on European Union (The Maastricht Treaty) Preamble to the Treaty of Nice Amending the Treaty on European Union Reflections on a Constitution for Europe - J.Fischer, J.Chirac, T.Blair, P.Lipponen& J.Rau PART II: EARLY CURRENTS IN INTEGRATION THEORY Altiero Spinelli and the Strategy for the United States of Europe; S.Pistone A Working Peace System; D.Mitrany Political Community and the North Atlantic Area; K.W.Deutsch et al The Uniting of Europe; E.B.Haas Political Integration: Definitions and Hypotheses; L.N.Lindberg Obstinate or Obsolete? The Fate of the Nation; State and the Case of Western Europe; S.Hoffmann The Theory of Economic Integration: An Introduction; B. Balassa PART III: CURRENT DEBATES IN INTEGRATION THEORY The Political Theory of Federalism: THe Relevance of Classical Approaches; M.Forsyth Integration, Supranational Governance, and the Institutionalization of the European Polity; A.Stone Sweet& W.Sandholtz The Choice for Europe; A.Moravcsik Delegation and Agency in the European Community; M.Pollack Multi-level Governance in the European Union; L.Hooghe& G.Marks Making Sense of EU Decision; Making; J.Peterson& E.Bomberg The Governance Approach to European Integration; M.Jachtenfuchs Social Construction and Integration; J.T.Checkel