Thin-Film Capacitors for Packaged Electronics


Thin-Film Capacitors for Packaged Electronics

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Topics: Electrical characterization techniques for a wide range of frequencies (1 kHz to 20 GHz), Process modeling to determine stable operating points, and more.

Full Description

Thin-Film Capacitors for Packaged Electronics deals with the capacitors of a wanted kind, still needed and capable of keeping pace with the demands posed by ever greater levels of integration. It spans a wide range of topics, from materials properties to limits of what's the best one can achieve in capacitor properties to process modeling to application examples. Some of the topics covered are the following:
-Novel insights into fundamental relationships between dielectric constant and the breakdown field of materials and related capacitance density and breakdown voltage of capacitor structures,
-Electrical characterization techniques for a wide range of frequencies (1 kHz to 20 GHz),
-Process modeling to determine stable operating points,
-Prevention of metal (Cu) diffusion into the dielectric,
-Measurements and modeling of the dielectric micro-roughness.


Preface. Acknowledgements.
1: Introduction. 1.1. Capacitor Fundamentals. 1.2. Application Domains. 1.3. Physical Structures/Embodiments. 1.4. Capacitor Integration Drivers. 1.5. Thin-Film Capacitor Technology. 1.6. Summary. 1.7. References.
2: Design Fundamentals. 2.1. Breakdown Voltage and Capacitance Density Design Limits. 2.2. Tolerance in Capacitance Density. 2.3. DC Leakage. 2.4. Capacitor Losses. 2.5. Series Inductance and Resistance. 2.6. References.
3: Performance Detractors. 3.1. Interfacial Micro-roughness. 3.2. Deviation from Optimal Stoichiometry. 3.3. Film Microstructure. 3.4. References.
4: Electrical Characterization. 4.1. Thin Film Decoupling Capacitors. 4.2. Characterization Methodologies. 4.3. Test Vehicle: Design and Fabrication. 4.4. Dielectric Constant and Loss. 4.5. Total Series Inductance. 4.6. Leakage Current Density. 4.7. Capacitance Density and Breakdown Field. 4.8. Summary and Conclusion. 4.9. References.
5: Integration Issues And Challenges. 5.1. Metal Diffusion into Dielectrics. 5.2. Interlayer Stresses and Adhesion. 5.3. Low Thermal Budget. 5.4. References.
6: Applications. 6.1. 2D Interconnections in ICs. 6.2. Integration into 2D Packaging. 6.3. Flex Circuits. 6.4. Large Area Power Distribution. 6.5. Integration into 3D Structures. 6.6. Electromagnetic Considerations. 6.7. Power Electronics. 6.8. References.