Progress in Soi Structures and Devices Operating at Extreme Conditions (NATO Science Series II Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)


Progress in Soi Structures and Devices Operating at Extreme Conditions (NATO Science Series II Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)

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Full Description

A review of the electrical properties, performance and physical mechanisms of the main silicon-on-insulator (SOI) materials and devices. Particular attention is paid to the reliability of SOI structures operating in harsh conditions. The first part of the book deals with material technology and describes the SIMOX and ELTRAN technologies, the smart-cut technique, SiCOI structures and MBE growth. The second part covers reliability of devices operating under extreme conditions, with an examination of low and high temperature operation of deep submicron MOSFETs and novel SOI technologies and circuits, SOI in harsh environments and the properties of the buried oxide. The third part deals with the characterization of advanced SOI materials and devices, covering laser-recrystallized SOI layers, ultrashort SOI MOSFETs and nanostructures, gated diodes and SOI devices produced by a variety of techniques. The last part reviews future prospects for SOI structures, analyzing wafer bonding techniques, applications of oxidized porous silicon, semi-insulating silicon materials, self-organization of silicon dots and wires on SOI and some new physical phenomena.


Innovation in material technologies.
Perspectives of SIMOX technology; M.J. Anc. MBE growth of the top layer in Si/YSZ/Si structure; V.G. Beshenkov, et al. SiCOI structures, Technology and characterization; C. Serre, et al. New SiC on insulator wafers based on the Smart-Cut® approach and their potential applications; J.P. Joly, et al. ELTRAN® (SOI-Epi Wafer®) Technology; T. Yonehara, K. Sakaguchi. Low dimension properties of nanostructures on ultra thin layers of silicon formed by oxidation of ion cut SOI wafers and electron lithography; V.P. Popov, et al.
Reliability of SOI devices operating at harsh conditions.
SOI for Harsh Environment Applications in the USA; C.A. Colinge. Performance and reliability of deep submicron SOI MOSFETs in a wide temperature range; F. Balestra. Strategies for high-temperature electronics: a Western European Perspective; C. Johnston, A. Crossley. Charge carrier injection and trapping in the buried oxides of SOI structures; A.N. Nazarov, et al. Cryogenic investigations of SIMOX buried oxide parameters; V.S. Lysenko, et al. Gate-All Around Technology for Harsh Environment Applications; J.P. Colinge. Low-Noise High-Temperature SOI Analog Circuits; V. Dessard, et al. Influence of gamma-radiation on short channel SOI-MOSFETs with thin SiO2 films; C. Claeys, et al. Radiation effects in SOI magnetic sensitive elements under different radiation conditions; A.D. Mokrushin, et al.
Characterization of advanced SOI materials and devices.
Similarity relation for I-V characteristics of FETs with different channel shape; V.N. Dobrovolsky, et al. Laser-recrystallized SOI layers for sensor applications at cryogenic temperatures; A. Druzhinin,et al. Characterization and modeling of advanced SOI materials and devices; F. Allibert, et al. Modeling and measurements of generation and recombination currents in thin-film SOI gated-diodes; T.E. Rudenko, V.I. Kilchytska. Defect creation mechanisms due to hot-carriers in 0.15 mu/m SIMOX MOSFETs; P. Dimitrakis, et al. Defects and their electronic properties in high-pressure-annealed SOI structure sliced by hydrogen; V.P. Popov, et al. DC and AC models of partially-depleted SOI MOSFETs in weak inversion; D. Tomaszewski, et al.
Perspectives of SOI structures and devices.
On scaling the thin film Si thickness of SOI substrates. A perspective on Wafer Bonding for Thin Film Devices; K.D. Hobart, et al. Oxidized porous silicon based SOI: untapped resources; V. Bondarenko, et al. Electron-hole pair reversed drift in SOI structure; V.N. Dobrovolksy, et al. A novel depleted semi-insulating silicon material for high frequency applications; M. Johansson, S. Bengtsson. Self-organizing growth of silicon dot- and wire-like microcrystals on isolated substrates; A.I. Klimovskaya, et al.
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