Handbook of Strategic Environmental Assessment


Handbook of Strategic Environmental Assessment

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Full Description

This authoritative handbook surveys the full breadth and depth of SEA, bringing together a range of international perspectives and insights on the theoretical, methodological and institutional dimensions and practical issues of the field. It then subjects this conventional wisdom to a critical reappraisal, looks at the vast lessons of experience and offers new ideas and interpretations as to where the field is going.The volume is organized into six major sections, beginning with an introduction and overview of the development of the field and a framework for evaluating SEA good practice. Part I comprises a review of SEA frameworks in leading countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA), the European Union and developing regions (Africa, Asia, Latin America and Newly Independent States). Part II reviews SEA practice in several major sectors (energy, minerals, transport, water, development assistance and coastal zone management). Part III addresses the linkages between SEA and other comparable tools such as spatial planning and environmental management. Part IV probes key cross-cutting issues in SEA, including how to address cumulative and trans-boundary effects. Part V identifies ways and means of SEA process and capacity development, focusing on how to improve and upgrade the theory and practice of the field. Part VI examines the shift from conventional SEA towards more integrative approaches, drawing on experience and examples from a number of countries.Published with IAIA


1. Introduction Part I SEA Frameworks2. SEA in Australia3. SEA in Canada4. SEA in New Zealand5. SEA in the United States6. SEA in the Asian Region7. SEA in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia 8. SEA in the European Union 9. SEA in Southern Africa 10. The SEA Protocol Part II SEA Application 11. SEA and Transport Planning 12. SEA and Water Management 13. Regional Sectoral Assessment and Extractive Industries14. SEA and Coastal Zone Management Part III SEA Linkage to Other Instruments15. Thematic Overview of Linkages Between SEA and Other Instruments 16. SEA and Environmental Planning and Management Tools17. Landscape Planning18. SEA as a Tool for Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity in Developing Countries19. Using SEA to Enhance Poverty Reduction Strategies20. SEA and Spatial PlanningPart IV Cross Cutting Issues in SEA21. Environmental Indicators in SEA 22. Some Wider Reflections on the Challenge of Public Participation in SEA 23. Addressing Health Impacts in SEA 24. Managing Cumulative Impacts: Making it Happen 25. Transboundary Issues in SEA 26. Planning in Tiers? Tiering as a Way of Linking SEA and EIA Part V SEA Process Development and Capacity Building27. SEA Process Development and Capacity-building - a Thematic Overview28. SEA Theory and Research: an Analysis of the Discourse 29. Professional and Institutional Capacity Building for SEA30. Developing SEA Guidance31. Institutional Challenges for SEA Implementation and Decision Making: Search for Appropriate Organizations32. From Formulation to Implementation: Strengthening SEA through Follow-up33. SEA Knowledge and its use in Information Sharing, Training and LearningPart VI: Toward Integrated, Sustainability Assessment34. From SEA to Sustainability Assessment35. Assessment for Sustainable Development