Ndakinna Our Land : New and Selected Poems


Ndakinna Our Land : New and Selected Poems

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Full Description

Written over a period of twelve years and published in magazines and anthologies, these beautiful poems of place and Abenaki Indian heritage are addressed to the land, to the poet's two sons James and Jesse, to his wife Carol, and to himself. A few poems invoking the land join others of close observation of the natural world of native New England and the poet's meditations upon it. In its essence, the land and culture Bruchac celebrates is not lost to him, but is a heritage to be passed on through his family. In a second section, "Travelling Stories", the well-travelled poet views creatures and events from his perspective. In these encounters a notable fact emerges: Bruchac is always at home, always centred, no matter what he encounters. Humpback whales, a forest fire from the air, medicine bundles in a museum in South Dakota are all felt through the same wise sensibility and yield understanding for the reader as well as the writer.

Table of Contents

  I. NDAKINNA (Our Land)
An Abenaki Song of the Stars 3 (1)
Ktsi Wadzo 4 (2)
Walking in November Across the Stream to 6 (1)
the Sweat Lodge
Walking at Night in Slade Brook Swamp 7 (2)
Mannigebeskwas 9 (2)
The Spreaders 11(2)
Fire Sand 13(1)
Wawanolewad 14(1)
Matsinad Namas 15(2)
Ogemakw 17(2)
Four Poems for Ndakinna 19(4)
Looking for a Name for this Day 23(1)
The Flint from Mississquoi 24(1)
Moccasin Flowers 25(2)
First Hoeing 27(2)
To See the Deer 29(2)
Walking at Night with My Son, James 31(1)
Birch Island at Dawn in August 32(1)
At the Old Dog's Grave 33(1)
Whitetail Buck on the Daniels Road 34(1)
South Greenfield Road 35(2)
Bobcat, 1953 37(1)
Tangled Lines 38(1)
A Song of Falling Snow 39(1)
Digging 40(2)
A Fishing Story 42(2)
Sweat Lodge by Bell Brook 44(2)
Transplanting Trees 46(1)
Winter Fire 47(1)
Ndakinna 48(5)
The White Dog 53(1)
The Guachero Bird Cave 54(1)
The Tiger Salamander 55(1)
Snapping Turtle on the Expressway 56(1)
Seeing the Whales 57(3)
Dancing Circles in the Bearpaws 60(2)
Forest Fire from the Air 62(1)
Medicine Bundles 63(1)
Routine Check 64(2)
Let the Midnight Special 66(2)
Gross National Product 68(3)
Before the Quake: Four Images in San 71(2)
Blue Coyote 73(1)
The First Horse 74(2)
Raven Story 76(2)
Inupiaq---the Waters 78(4)
Crossing into West Germany 82(1)
Altamira 83(1)
The Baux 84(1)
St. Francis and the Wolf 85(2)
Turning from the Klan 87