Letters to the Celestial Serbs

Letters to the Celestial Serbs

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In association with the Bosnian Institute.

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As a columnist for Oslobodenj (Sarajevo's acclaimed daily newspaper), Gojko Beric gained an international reputation for his grimly ironic yet passionate writing from the city under siege. Since then, as this eloquent selection of his recent writing demonstrates, he has continued to cast an unsparing gaze on the miseries and hypocrisies besetting postwar Bosnia, and its Croatian and Serbian neighbours. Mingling recollections of his country's bitter past with comments on its bitter present, "Letters to the Celestial Serbs" contains many of the most memorable pages ever penned on wartime and postwar Bosnia, of which his extended essay on Alija Izetbegovic and his historical role is exemplary. Compelled by events - and Western policy - to confront the question "Am I a Serb?", Beric, never doubted that the real issues in Bosnia were political and ethical, not "ethnic". "All these years, Serb nationalists have been sending me insulting letters: Will I ever stop saying that the Serbs are to blame for the war, stop talking about Serbian fascism and Serb atrocities? No, I won't".