A Discourse Grammar of Mandarin Chinese (Berkeley Models of Grammars)


A Discourse Grammar of Mandarin Chinese (Berkeley Models of Grammars)

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Full Description

This anthology is designed to assist teachers and students in learning how to better understand and interpret our common culture and everyday life. With a focus on contemporary media, consumer, and digital culture, this book combines classic and original writings by both leading and rising scholars in the field. The chapters present key theories, concepts, and methodologies of critical cultural and media studies, as well as cutting-edge research into new media. Sections on teaching media/cultural studies and concrete case studies provide practical examples that illuminate contemporary culture, ranging from new forms of digital media and consumer culture to artifacts from TV and film, including Barbie and Big Macs, soap operas, Talk TV, Facebook, and YouTube. The lively articles show that media/cultural studies is an exciting and relevant arena, and this text should enable students and citizens to become informed readers and critics of their culture and society.


Contents: Rhonda Hammer/Douglas Kellner: From Communications and Media Studies Through Cultural Studies: An Introduction and Overview - Douglas Kellner: Toward a Critical Media/Cultural Studies - Lawrence Grossberg: Cultural Studies: What's in a Name? (One More Time) - Chris Rojek: Stuart Hall on Representation and Ideology - Edward Herman: A Propaganda Model - John Caldwell: How Producers Theorize: Shoot-outs, Bake-offs, and Speed-Dating - Henry A. Giroux: Cultural Studies, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Higher Education - Robin Mansell: The Power of New Media Networks - Jeff Share: Young Children and Critical Media Literacy - Ernest Morrell: Teaching Popular Music - Rhonda Hammer: This Won't Be on the Final: Reflections on Teaching Critical Media Literacy - Carmen Luke: As Seen on TV or Was That My Phone?: 'New' Media Literacy - Richard Beach: Digital Tools for Collecting, Connecting, Constructing Responding to, Creating, and Conducting Media Ethnographies of Audience Use of Media Texts - Toby Miller: Children and the Media: Alternative Histories - Joe L. Kincheloe: Capital, Ray Kroc, and McDonald's: The World's Lovin' It - Shirley R. Steinberg: Barbie: The Bitch Still Has Everything - Kathalene A. Razzano/Loubna H. Skalli/Christine M. Quail: The Spectacle of Reform: Vulture Culture, Youth, and Television - Larry Gross: Gideon Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2012: Growing Up Gay Today - Sut Jhally: Advertising, Gender and Sex: What's Wrong with a Little Objectification? - Elayne Rapping: The Magical World of Daytime Soap Operas - Pepi Leistyna: Social Class and Entertainment Television: What's So Real about Reality TV? - Myrna A. Hant: African American and Jewish Mothers/Wives on Television: Persistent Stereotypes - Felicia D. Henderson: Successful, Single and Othered: The Media and the Plight of Single Black Women - Merri Lisa Johnson: Ladies Love Your Box: The Rhetoric of Pleasure and Danger in Feminist Television Studies - Angela McRobbie: Post-Feminism and Popular Culture: Bridget Jones and the New Gender Regime - Kathleen McHugh: Women in Traffic: L.A. Autobiography - Chon A. Noriega: Waas Sappening?: Narrative Structure and Iconography in Born in East L.A. - Carl Boggs/Tom Pollard: American Militarism, Hollywood, and Media Culture - Allan Luke: Another Ethnic Autobiography? Childhood and the Cultural Economy of Looking - Meenakshi Gigi Durham: Ethnic Chic and the Displacement of South Asian Female Sexuality in the U.S. Media - Chyng Sun/Ekra Miezan/Rachael Liberman: Model Minority/Honorable Eunuch: The Dual Image of Asian American Men in the Media and Everyday Perception - Jackson Katz: 'Politics Is a Contact Sport': Media, Sports Metaphors and Presidential Masculinity - Leah A. Lievrouw: The Uses of Disenchantment in New Media Pedagogy: Teaching for Remediation and Reconfiguration - Mark Poster: Perfect Transmissions: Evil Bert Laden - Rebecca Stephenson: 'Doing Something That Matters': Children's Culture, Video Games, and the Politics of Representation - Alla Zollers: Critical Perspectives on Social Network Sites - Douglas Kellner/Gooyong Kim: YouTube, Politics, and Pedagogy: Some Critical Reflections.