The Brothers and Sisters Learn to Write : Popular Literacies in Childhood and School Cultures (Language and Literacy Series)

The Brothers and Sisters Learn to Write : Popular Literacies in Childhood and School Cultures (Language and Literacy Series)

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Full Description

Building on her groundbreaking work in "Writing Superheroes, Anne Dyson traces the influence of a wide-ranging set of "textual toys" from children's lives--church and hip-hop songs, rap music, movies, TV, traditional jump-rope rhymes, the words of professional sports announcers and radio deejays--upon school learning and writing. Wonderfully rich portraits of five African American first-graders demonstrate how children's imaginative use of wider cultural symbols enriches their school learning.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    vii
Prologue 1 (3)
School Literacy: The View from Inside a Child 4 (24)
Slipping into a Child Culture 7 (4)
Conceptual Tools for Tracing the Threads of 11 (6)
Child Literacy
Methodological Tools for Constructing the 17 (8)
Project Data Set
A Writing Development Remix: The Plan of 25 (3)
the Book
Mapping the Cultural Landscape of a 28 (24)
Contemporary Childhood
``Childtimes'' 31 (12)
The Social Usefulness of Textual Toys 43 (7)
Venturing Out from a Childhood Landscape: 50 (2)
Toward School Literacy Practices
The Brothers and Sisters in the Classroom 52 (26)
Family: Entering School Literacy Practices
Organizing the Classroom Family: 55 (11)
Introduction to Official Space
Child Journeys into Official Space 66 (6)
Textual Borders in Permeable Space: The 72 (4)
Consequences of Star Wars and Space Jam
Toward Situating Childhoods in Composing 76 (2)
Sports Matters: Marcel and the Textual 78 (31)
Mediation of Coach Bombay's and Ms. Rita's
The Textual Resources of Sports Media 82 (2)
Marcel and the Written Word 84 (22)
On Coach Bombay's Kids and Writing 106(3)
Animated Adventures: Noah's Textual Ark 109(28)
The Textual Resources of Animated Media 112(2)
Noah and the Written Word 114(20)
Young Children's Writing as Testing the 134(3)
(Social) Waters
Singing Stars: Denise's Musical Voices 137(32)
The Cultural Resources of Music Media 140(2)
Denise and the Written Word 142(24)
``All God's Children Got [School] Shoes'' 166(3)
A Writing Development Remix 169(23)
How the Present Builds on the Past: It's a 171(10)
Situating Clay's ``Kaleidoscopic 181(4)
Reshuffle'': A Coach Bombay Remix
Teachers' Work and the Dialogic Rhythms of 185(7)
Writing Development
The View from the Outside: ``You've Got to 192(25)
Grow with Your Children''
Parents: Our Children ``Are Exposed to So 193(3)
Popular Culture Professionals: You Have to 196(11)
``Hook'' the Audience
The Teacher: ``Opening Up'' Children's 207(4)
The Researcher: Making Space for Children 211(6)
in Childhood Literacy
Appendix A: Conventions Used in Transcripts 217(2)
Appendix B: Demographic Tables 219(2)
Notes 221(2)
Glossary 223(4)
References 227(12)
Media Bibliography 239(6)
Index 245(11)
About the Author 256