God's Diary

God's Diary

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Full Description

In this lovely book, award-winning poet JoaqunAntonio Pealosa shares with us the diary of God, adaily record of the Eternal Father's hopes, plans, andworkings in the world. Simple yet masterful, child-likeyet insightful, these poetic diary entries presentthe basic truths of the Jewish and Christian Scripturesin an original and charming way, uniquelycapturing the intimate heart of God.

Full of tenderness and humor, "God's Diarytakes us through history, from before there wastime to the end of time, and paints a picture ofa God truly in love with the world he has created from ants and animals to saints and sinners. Likeany diary, this one also discloses the secret desiresof its author, revealing God's divine intention forhistory and for humanity. Whether describing a"recipe to make an ant, " "the first Piet, " or Christ'scrucifixion, Pealosa is sure to give readers a freshperspective on God and creation.

Skillfully rendered into English by Alvarode Silva from Pealosa's original a best-sellerin Mexico the pages of "God's Diary celebratethe grace and joy of existence. Pealosa shows thatthere is grace everywhere, that God continues tospeak through the beauty of the birds and flowers, the starry sky and the ocean. As Pealosa points out, God also identifies personally with men and womenand children, whether they are just learning how tolove or enduring suffering or loneliness. Each facetof life receives notice and concern in the pages ofGod's book.

Lovers of poetry, fans of such imaginative worksas C. S. Lewis's "Screwtape Letters

Table of Contents

Preface: ``Divine Leaves''                         viii
A Little Prologue in Sol Minor 1 (74)
The First Record 4 (1)
My Name 5 (1)
This Beard of Mine 6 (2)
The Photo Album 8 (1)
Garden Angelica 9 (2)
Let There Be Light 11 (2)
I, the Sea 13 (1)
Praised Be the Fire 14 (1)
Today, the Fourth Day 15 (1)
The Bird Workshop 16 (1)
A Recipe to Make an Ant 17 (2)
A Professorship in April 19 (1)
Here He Is 20 (1)
Because It Is Night 21 (1)
Profession: Gardener 22 (1)
A Fashion Show of Furs and Feathers 23 (2)
She 25 (2)
Day of Rest 27 (1)
The First Child Is Born 27 (1)
Nomads and Dwellers 28 (2)
The First Pieta 30 (1)
Do Not Grow Old 31 (2)
A Question Without an Answer 33 (1)
Patched-Up Men 34 (1)
An Interview via Satellite 35 (2)
A Poetry Contest 37 (1)
A Choir of Angels 38 (1)
Miss Mary 39 (3)
The Two Fathers 42 (2)
A Tent to Dwell In 44 (1)
A Voice in the River 45 (1)
A Message for the Sun 46 (1)
Lord of the Rain 47 (1)
Give Us Today Our Daily Bread 48 (2)
Be Perfect 50 (1)
A Concert of Sparrows 51 (2)
The Parable of the Son Who Went Far Away 53 (3)
Father, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? 56 (5)
My Son's Return 61 (1)
The Hesitant Light 62 (1)
The Appointment of Francis of Assisi 63 (2)
An Unpublished Letter to Mother Teresa of 65 (1)
Prayer for a Son 66 (1)
I, a Child, Accuse Myself 67 (2)
Fantasy 69 (1)
My Answer to Your ``Our Father'' 70 (2)
To My Atheistic Children 72 (2)
Father, into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit 74 (1)
Come, Blessed of My Father 75