Over Time : My Life as a Sportswriter

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Over Time : My Life as a Sportswriter

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Full Description

Over Timewide-ranging as Frank Deford's remarkable career, in which he has chronicled the heroes and the characters of just about every sport in nearly every medium. Deford joined Sports Illustrated in 1962, fresh, and fresh out of Princeton. In 1990, he was Editor-in-Chief of The National Sports Daily, one of the most ambitious--and ill-fated--projects in the history of American print journalism. But then, he's endured: writing ten novels, winning an Emmy (not to mention being a fabled Lite Beer All-Star), and last week he read something like his fourteen-hundredth commentary on NPR's "Morning Edition." From the Mad Men-like days of SI in the '60s, and the "bush" years of the early NBA, to Deford's visit to apartheid South Africa with Arthur Ashe, and his friend's brave and tragic death, Over Time is packed with intriguing people and stories. Interwoven through his personal history, Deford lovingly traces the entire arc of American sportswriting from the lurid early days of the Police Gazette, through Grantland Rice and Red Smith and on up to ESPN. This is a wonderful, inspired book--equal parts funny and touching--a treasure for sports fans. Just like Frank Deford. Praise for Over Time "Equal doses of self-deprecating humor and anecdotal history of American sports journalism are the essence of Frank Deford's entertaining new memoir."--Chicago Tribune "Deford is the Holy Grail. He's simply one of the greatest sportswriters of all time. ... [Over Time] has a little bit of everything -- great stories about interviewing everyone from Richard Nixon ... to Jerry Jones. ... Deford played with the Harlem Globetrotters, introduced the world to Bill Bradley, really disliked Rodney Dangerfield, edited the only national sports daily in our history (The National), and has great takes on the history and characters of Sports Illustrated in its formative years. . . . Deford's the best."--Peter King, SI.com "He sketches insightful remembrances of stars like Wilt Chamberlain and Billie Jean King and lavishes affection and admiration on Sports Illustrated colleagues Andre Laguerre, Dan Jenkins, and the 'tortured' writer Mark Kram ... [Deford is] sports writing's Sinatra." --San Francisco Chronicle "Endearing... Over Time imparts a sense of a life well lived and fully enjoyed."--New York Times "The mixture of homage to sportswriters who came before him, such as Grantland Rice; sometimes wistful vignettes of sports figures like Arthur Ashe; and his own personal reflections on the evolution of sports journalism combine to offer a cultural perspective that transcends a mere job." --Publishers Weekly (Top 10 in Sports) "Deford's cred is incredible, his accolades deserved... He does not pull a punch when it comes to boxing or even to the tastes-great, less-filling Miller Lite commercials he once made... [Deford] has long been the genuine article." --Los Angeles Times "A cool ride through Deford's career."-- Minneapolis Star-Tribune "Frank Deford is the best there is. His memoir Over Time is beautiful, funny, poignant and poetic." --Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights and Father's Day "A wonderful book. Over Time is both a treasure and a treasury."--Sally Jenkins, Washington Post columnist and New York Times bestselling author of It's Not About the Bike "Frank Deford is the best sportswriter I've ever read. If there's a Mount Rushmore of sportswriting, Deford is up there, purple ties and all."--Tony Kornheiser

Table of Contents

    1 A Not Very Bright Boy                        1  (6)
2 Something of a Vote of Confidence 7 (3)
3 In Which I First Encounter Faster Guns 10 (6)
4 Roamer 16 (4)
5 Granny 20 (7)
6 Walking in Place 27 (3)
7 Old-Timers 30 (10)
8 The Vietnam War Is Finally Over 40 (8)
9 Push On 48 (10)
10 The Best Advice I Ever Got in My Whole 58 (3)
11 Scribes for the Cranks and the Fancy 61 (7)
12 El Tigre 68 (15)
13 In Which I Finally Discover the 83 (8)
Difference Between Winning and Losing
14 Bawlmer, Merlin, My Hametown 91 (10)
15 Gee Whiz 101(13)
16 Beauty and the Beasts 114(11)
17 This Just In: Writing Can Be Fun 125(10)
18 In Which I Happen Upon an Eye-Opener 135(6)
19 Kingsley 141(4)
20 My Damn Name 145(7)
21 It Happens to the Best of Us 152(3)
22 The Way It Was Really 155(5)
23 The Kid 160(10)
24 Andre 170(8)
25 Mr. King Will See You Now 178(2)
26 Hobey and Danny and Bill 180(14)
27 The Most Amazing Feat in Sport in the 194(11)
Twentieth Century
28 Hub Tales 205(6)
29 My Man 211(8)
30 Anglophile 219(8)
31 Remember "Consciousness-Raising"? 227(5)
32 Fun in the Sun 232(7)
33 Summer Songs 239(10)
34 Roadie 249(7)
35 With Ease or Angst 256(11)
36 Lost in Translation 267(12)
37 The Anchor Leg 279(8)
38 The Sweetest Thing I Ever Saw an Athlete 287(2)
Do for a Member of the Fourth Estate
39 You Won't Believe This 289(12)
40 The Most Amazing Thing I Ever Saw an 301(10)
Athlete Do
41 Red 311(7)
42 The Amateur Voice 318(10)
43 The Best I Ever Was Fired 328(4)
44 Naked Slept the Commissioner 332(12)
45 Taboo 344(6)
46 Last Call 350(3)
Acknowledgments 353