Surrealism, Politics and Culture (Studies in European Cultural Transition)

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Surrealism, Politics and Culture (Studies in European Cultural Transition)

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Full Description

Drawing on literary, art historical and historical studies, this essay collection explores the complex encounter between culture and politics within Surrealism. The Surrealist movement was one of the first cultural movements to question explicitly the relation between culture and politics, and its attempt to fuse social and cultural revolution has been a critical factor in shaping our sense of modernity; yet few books have been published that directly address this aspect of the movement. Although the historical importance of Surrealism is beyond doubt, politics plays an ambiguous role in the movement: it indisputably pervades the work, informing its endeavours, yet it seems to evade direct articulation. This anthology addresses not only the contested ground between culture and politics within Surrealism itself, and within the subsequent historical accounts of the movement, but also the broader implications of this encounter on our own sense of modernity.Its goal is to delineate the role of radical politics in shaping the historical trajectory of Surrealism by drawing on the new perspectives provided by the latest considerations of social history, gender studies and postcolonial or race studies - approaches further modulated by the theoretical, methodological and disciplinary focuses of each contributor. This approach reveals hidden dimensions in the work of central figures like Andre Breton, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Hans Bellmer, the Surrealists' involvement in the politics of race and anti-colonialism, their relation to communism and anarchism, and the role of exhibitions as a site of political struggle. The volume illuminates how Surrealism played a contentious yet integral role to the development of contemporary French thought, and how it forms the background to current intellectual debates through its contribution to contemporary French theory.

Table of Contents

General Editors' Preface                           vii
List of Illustrations viii
List of Contributors xii
Acknowledgments xiv
List of Abbreviations xv
Introduction: Revolution by Night: Surrealism, 1 (17)
Politics and Culture
Raymond Spiteri
Donald LaCoss
The Politics of Surrealism, 1920-36 18 (19)
Robert Short
Towards a New Construction: Breton's Break 37 (15)
with Dada and the Formation of Surrealism
Theresa Papanikolas
Surrealism and the Political Physiognomy of 52 (21)
the Marvellous
Raymond Spiteri
Advertising Surrealist Masculinities: Andre 73 (18)
Kertesz in Paris
Amy Lyford
Surrealism Noir 91 (20)
Jonathan P. Eburne
Surrealist Racial Politics at the Borders 111 (16)
of `Reason': Whiteness, Primitivism and
Amanda Stansell
Painting and Politics: Miro's Still Life 127 (34)
with Old Shoe and the Spanish Republic
Robert S. Lubar
Of Politics, Postcards and Pornography: 161 (18)
Salvador Dali's Le Mythe tragique de
l'Angelus de Millet
Jordana Mendelson
Surrealism in 1938: The Exhibition at War 179 (25)
Elena Filipovic
For an Independent Revolutionary Art: 204 (22)
Breton, Trotsky and Cardenas's Mexico
Robin Adele Greeley
Aime Cesaire's Insurrectionary Poetics 226 (20)
E. San Juan, Jr.
Hans Bellmer's Libidinal Politics 246 (21)
Alvce Mahon
Attacks of the Fantastic 267 (33)
Donald LaCoss
Failure and Community: Preliminary 300 (37)
Questions on the Political in the Culture
of Surrealism
M. Stone-Richards
Appendix I: Notes in the Hand of Leon 337 (4)
Pierre-Quint Being the Record of a Conversation
Theodore Fraenkel
Index 341