Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre


Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre

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Full Description

This volume is the first English-language collection exclusively dedicated to the study of genre in relation to Spanish cinema. Providing a variety of critical perspectives, the collection gives the reader a thorough account of the relationship between Spanish cinema and genre, drawing on case studies of several of the most remarkable Spanish films in recent years.The book analyses the significant changes in the aesthetics, production and reception of Spanish film from 1990 onwards. It brings together European and North American scholars to establish a critical dialogue on the topics under discussion, while providing multiple perspectives on the concepts of national cinemas and genre theory. In recent years film scholarship has attempted to negotiate the tension between the nationally specific and the internationally ubiquitous, discussing how globalisation has influenced film making and surrounding cultural practice. These broader social concerns have prompted scholars to emphasise a redefinition of national cinemas beyond strict national boundaries and to pay attention to the transnational character of any national site of film production and reception. This collection provides a thorough investigation of contemporary Spanish cinema within a transnational framework, by positing cinematic genres as the meeting spaces between a variety of diverse forces that necessarily operate within but also across territorial spaces. Paying close attention to the specifics of the Spanish cinematic and social panorama, the essays investigate the transnational economic, cultural and aesthetic forces at play in shaping Spanish film genres today. -- .

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   vii
Contributors ix
Robert Sklar xiv
Jay Beck and Vicente Rodriguez Ortega 1
Part I Industry, marketing and film culture
1 The Fantastic Factory: the horror genre
and contemporary Spanish cinema
Andrew Willis 27
2 Trailing the Spanish auteur: Almod ar's,
Amen畸ar's and de la Iglesia's generic
routes in the US market
Vicente Rodriguez Ortega 44
3 'Now playing everywhere': Spanish horror
film in the marketplace
Antonio L痙aro-Reboll 65
Part II Generic hybridity: negotiating the
regional, the national and the transnational
4 From Sevilla to the world: the
transnational and transgeneric initiative
of La Zanfo  Producciones
Josetxo Cerd疣 and Miguel Fern疣dez 87
5 Justino, un asesino de la tercera edad:
Spanishness, dark comedy and horror
Juan F. Egea 107
6 Tracing the past, dealing with the
present: notes on the political thriller in
contemporary Spanish cinema
Vicente J. Benet 122
7 Selling out Spain: screening capital and
culture in Airbag and Smoking Room
William J. Nichols 133
Part III Genre and authorship
8 The transvestite figure and film noir:
Pedro Almockwar's transnational imaginary
Carla Marcantonio 157
9 Caressing the text: episodic erotics and
generic structures in Ventura Pons's
'Minimalist Trilogy'
David Scott Diffrient 179
10 Horror of allegory: The Others and its
Ernesto R. Acevedo-Mu z 202
11 Love, loneliness and laundromats: affect
and artifice in the melodramas of Isabel
Bel駭 Vidal 219
Part IV Multilingual imaginaries, borderless
12 Dancing with 'Spanishness': Hollywood
codes and the site of memory in the
contemporary film musical
Pietsie Feenstra 241
13 Immigration films: communicating
conventions of (in)visibility in contemporary
Maria Van Liew 259
14 Spanish-Cuban co-productions: tourism,
transnational romance and anxieties of
Mariana Johnson 279
Index 297