Yeniseian Peoples and Languages : A History of Yeniseian Studies with an Annotated Bibliography and a Source Guide

Yeniseian Peoples and Languages : A History of Yeniseian Studies with an Annotated Bibliography and a Source Guide

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The Kets of Central Siberia are perhaps the most enigmatic of Siberia's aboriginal tribes. Today numbering barely 1,100 souls living in several small villages on the middle reaches of the Yenisei, the Kets have retained much of their ancient culture, as well as their unique language.Genetic studies of the Ket hint at an ancient affinity with Tibetans, Burmese, and other peoples of peoples of South East Asia not shared by any other Siberian people. The Ket language, which is unrelated to any other living Siberian tongue, also appears to be a relic of a bygone linguistic landscape of Inner Asia.Because language isolates such as Ket are of special value to scholars of the original peopling of the continents, linguists have recently attempted to link Ket with North Caucasian, Sino- Tibetan, Burushaski, Basque and Na Dene. None of these links have been proved to the satisfaction of all linguists, and the research continues both in Russia and abroad.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Acknowledgments xxi
Abbreviations xxiii
Maps xxvii
Part I The History of Yeniseian Studies 1 (17)
Part II Annotated Bibliography of Publications 18 (317)
Part III Guide to Unpublished Sources 335
Dissertations 335
Archives 341
Other Unpublished Materials 349
Museum Collections 352
Internet Resources 356
Part IV Classified Index
Yeniseian languages 357
Historical linguistics 357
Extinct Yeniseian languages 362
Typology 365
Structure of modern (Imbat) Ket 366
Yeniseian peoples 376
General information 376
Early (pre-1865) sources on Yeniseian 376
Demographics 377
Physical anthropology, genetics 377
Origins, links with prehistoric cultures 377
and peoples
Yeniseian interaction with other Asian 379
History of Yeniseian-Russian interaction 380
Native rights 381
Ket ethnography 381
Fictional works depicting Yeniseian peoples 386
or cultures
Maps 387
Drawings or photographs of Kets or Ket 387
Data on Yeniseian studies 388
History of scholarship 388
Bibliographies 389
Biographic information on scholars 389
Published travel notes or data on 390
Descriptions of archival sources 390
Descriptions of museum collections 391