Grown Up All Wrong : 75 Great Rock and Pop Artists from Vaudeville to Techno

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Grown Up All Wrong : 75 Great Rock and Pop Artists from Vaudeville to Techno

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1998.

Table of Contents

Introduction:  My Favorite Waste of Time           1  (14)
1 Where "Rock and Roll" Began 15 (44)
Across the Great Divide: Nat King Cole 17 (5)
Let's Call the Whole Thing Pop: George 22 (5)
The Complete Work of B. B. King 27 (5)
The Blank Slate: George Jones 32 (6)
Black Face, Whose Voice? Emmett Miller 38 (4)
Brown Eyed Handsome Rock and Roller: Chuck 42 (9)
Elvis in Literature: Elvis Presley 51 (8)
2 Where "Rock" Began 59 (74)
Spontaneity by the Seat of the Pants: 61 (8)
Janis Joplin
Our First Bohemians: The Rolling Stones 69 (15)
God Grows Up: Eric Clapton 84 (5)
Genius Dumb: Led Zeppelin 89 (2)
Jimi Plays History: Jimi Hendrix 91 (9)
Out of This World: Aretha Franklin 100(4)
Nothing to Say but Everything, or, As Far 104(21)
as He Could Go: John Lennon
John Piccarella
Why the Beatles Broke Up 125(1)
James Brown's Great Expectations 126(7)
3 Snatched from the Maw of Commerce 133(52)
Stevie Wonder Is All Things to All People 135(9)
A Boogie Band that Loves the Governor (Boo 144(6)
Boo Boo): Lynyrd Skynyrd
Turn On, Drop In, Find Out: The Grateful 150(4)
Music for Smart People: Randy Newman 154(9)
Time Waits for No One: Richard Thompson 163(5)
Father Alone Farther Along: Loudon 168(4)
Wainwright III
Born to Be Mature: Bonnie Raitt 172(5)
Two Rock and Rollers Who Won't Change the 177(8)
World: Pete Fowler/Andy Fairweather Low
4 Smashing the State-of-the-Art 185(50)
(If I'm Acting Like a King That's Because) 187(14)
I'm a Human Being: New York Dolls
Patti Smith Pisses in a Vanguard 201(10)
The Clash See America Second 211(11)
The Great Punk Dandy at the Peppermint 222(4)
Lounge: Richard Hell
Pere Ubu's Right To Choose 226(3)
Forever Rotten: The Sex Pistols 229(6)
5 Kings of Rhythm 235(54)
Sylvester Is a Star 237(5)
Triumph of the Trifle: Ray Parker Jr. 242(4)
Working the Crowd: Bruce 246(9)
Springsteen/Michael Jackson
Give Him Liberty or Give Him Death: Prince 255(5)
Magnificent Seven: Grandmaster Flash & the 260(4)
Furious Five
The Beastie Boys Go Too Far 264(4)
Looking for the Perfect Public Enemy 268(7)
An Autodidact's History of KRS-One 275(14)
6 Between Punk and a Pop Place 289(30)
A Voyage to Liliput 291(5)
Simple Because He's Simple: Marshall 296(5)
Carola Dibbell
Aching to Become: The Replacements 301(4)
Living Legends: The B-52's 305(3)
Sonic Youth Sell Out 308(5)
Curse of the Mekons 313(6)
7 They Are the World 319(30)
West Africa Not Africa, Europe Not the 321(5)
World: Salif Keita/Youssou N'Dour
The Black Sea Giant and the Lion Queens: 326(3)
Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens
The Goat-God in History: The Master 329(4)
Musicians of Jajouka
A Goat-God in Exile: (Cheb) Khaled 333(5)
The Iron Curtain at Midnight: Pulnoc 338(5)
Culture Hero: Mzwakhe Mbuli 343(6)
8 Careers in Iconicity 349(40)
Madonnathinking Madonnabout Madonnamusic 351(7)
Garth Brooks, Michael Bolton, Barney, and 358(7)
You: Garth Brooks
Bette Midler Sings... Everything 365(5)
Lou Reed, Average Guy 370(6)
What Are Realities of Prince Deal? Hell, 376(5)
What Is Reality?
Making a Spectacle of Herself: Janet 381(8)
9 Careers in Semipopularity 389(64)
Selling the Dirt to Pay the Band: Freedy 391(5)
Are We Not Girls? We Are L7! 396(5)
Lucinda Williams's Reasonable Demands 401(5)
The Ballad of Polly Jean Harvey: PJ Harvey 406(9)
Two Backsliders: Iris DeMent/Sam Phillips 415(5)
On the Real Side: Warren G/Coolio 420(6)
Art-Rock You Can Dance To: DJ Shadow 426(4)
Honk if You Love Honking: James Carter 430(4)
Unlikely Samba: Arto Lindsay 434(5)
Stereolad: Pavement 439(4)
Grrrowing Grrrls: Sleater-Kinney 443(4)
Blown Away: Nirvana 447(6)
10 Modern Maturity 453(24)
The Goduncle: George Clinton 455(7)
Pop Songs to God: Al Green 462(6)
Wasted on the Young: Neil Young 468(9)
Credits 477(2)
Index 479