David Pogue's Digital Photography (Missing Manual)

David Pogue's Digital Photography (Missing Manual)

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Full Description

If you're ready to jump into digital photography or would like to increase the skills you already have, "David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual" is just what you need. Bestselling author David Pogue provides a no-nonsense guide to the entire process, including how to: buy and use a digital camera; get the same photographic effects as the pros; manage the results on your Mac or PC; edit photos; and, finally, share the results with your adoring fans - on paper, online, or on mugs, jigsaw puzzles, and blankets.After reviewing hundreds of digital cameras and photo services in his weekly "New York Times" column, David Pogue knows digital photography.With this new Missing Manual you will: get expert advice on how to choose a digital camera, including information on the only specs that matter (Hint: it's not about mega pixels); learn the basics of lighting, composition, and shooting lots of photos; understand how to choose the best camera settings for 20 different scenarios; unravel the problems of correcting images and storing them; learn David's tips and tricks for sharing and printing images; and, get a special troubleshooting section you can turn to when things go wrong. David Pogue's witty, authoritative voice has demystified the Mac, Windows, iPods and iPhones for millions of readers. Now, he offers step-by-step instructions and plenty of friendly advice to help you join in the fun and get real satisfaction from digital photography.

Table of Contents

The Missing Credits                                ix
Introduction 1
About This Book 3
The Very Basics 5
Part 1: The Camera
Chapter 1: Camera Kinds 7
Small, Medium, or Large? 8
Cameraphones and iPhones 13
Where to Buy a Camera 14
Chapter 2: The Only Features That Matter 15
A Big Sensor 16
Stabilizer 18
Zoom Power 19
Shutter Lag 19
Optical Viewfinder 20
Manual Controls 20
Face Recognition 21
Autofocus Assist Lamp 21
Flip-Out Screen 22
Memory Card 22
Burst Mode 24
Hi-Def Jack 25
Battery 25
Movies 26
Scene Modes 27
Wireless 27
Touch Screens 27
Megapixels 28
SLR Shopping 30
Part 2: The Shoot
Chapter 3: Taking the Shot 33
Compose the Shot 34
Screen Displays 39
Take the Shot 40
Chapter 4: The Ten Decisions 45
Beep On or Off? 46
Flash On or Off? 46
Auto or Scene Mode? 53
Use a Manual Mode? 56
Burst Mode or One-Shot? 57
White Balance: Manual or Auto? 58
RAW or JPEG? 60
How Much Exposure? 62
Which Focus Mode? 67
Adjust the Light Sensitivity (ISO)? 70
Chapter 5: The Anti-Blur Chapter 71
Shutter Speed and Aperture 72
Use Stabilization 74
Speed Up the Shutter 74
Open the Aperture 76
Fire the Flash 77
Set Up a Tripod 78
Fake a Tripod 80
Use the Self-Timer 81
Goose the ISO 82
Chapter 6: How They Did That 85
The Frozen Sports Shot 85
The Speeding Vehicle 88
The Panorama 90
The Silky Brook 92
Trailing Car Lights 93
Fireworks 94
Lightning 96
The Star-Trails Shot 97
The Stunning Landscape 99
The Classic Sunset 100
The Prize-Winning Kid Shot 101
Theater Shots 103
The Undersea Stunner 104
The Not-Boring Vacation Shot 106
The Wedding Shot 109
The Ultra-Closeup 110
The Blurry-Background Portrait 113
The Outdoor Portrait 116
Existing-Light Portraits 119
The Self-Portrait 122
The Indoor-Flash Portrait 123
The Nighttime Portrait 124
The Exploding Zoom 125
Chapter 7: The SLR Chapter 127
Lenses 127
Film Equivalents 132
JPEG Compression 133
Ten Accessories Worth the Weight 133
Part 3: The Lab
Chapter 8: Camera Meets Computer 139
Picasa and iPhoto 139
Transferring the Photos by USB Cable 140
Transferring Photos with a Card Reader 145
Importing Pictures on Your Hard Drive 147
The File Format Factor 149
The Post-Import Inspection 150
Instant Slideshow 153
Chapter 9: The Digital Shoebox 159
The Source List 159
Working with Thumbnails 161
Selecting Photos 163
Hiding Photos 165
Albums 166
Smart Albums 169
Photo Info 171
Keywords, Titles, and Event Info 172
Flagging Photos 173
Searching for Photos by Text 175
Searching by Calendar or Timeline 176
Keywords/Tags 177
Backing Up Your Photos 180
Chapter 10: Fixing Your Photos 185
Opening a Photo for Editing 185
Notes on Zooming and Scrolling 189
Backing Out, Undoing, and Restoring 191
Rotate 193
Cropping 193
Straightening 197
Fixing Color 199
Redeye 200
Retouching Scratches and Hairs 201
Fine-Tuning Exposure 203
Boosting Contrast 205
Color Correction 206
Automatic White-Balance Correction 208
Saturation 209
Sharpening 210
Cheesy Effects 211
Copy and Paste for Edits 213
External Editing Programs 214
Juicy Bonus Features 215
Part 4: The Audience
Chapter 11: Photos on Paper預nd Everything 217
Making Your Own Prints 217
Resolution and Shape 219
Printing from iPhoto, Step by Step 222
Printing From Picasa, Step by Step 227
Ordering Prints Online 232
Calendars, Cards, and Books 235
Way Beyond Paper 238
Chapter 12: Electronic Photos 241
Emailing Photos 241
Publishing Photos on the Web 246
The Screen Saver 259
Photo Wallpaper 260
From Slideshow to Movie 261
Slideshow DVDs 268
Part 5: Appendixes
Appendix A: Where to Go From Here 269
The Real World 271
Beyond the Software Freebies 271
Appendix B: The Top Ten Tips of All Time 275
Appendix C: Photo Credits 283
Index 285