Poems Just for Us! : 50 Read-Aloud Poems with Cross-Curricular Activities for Young Learners

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Poems Just for Us! : 50 Read-Aloud Poems with Cross-Curricular Activities for Young Learners

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Full Description

This book is designed to offer non-specialist teachers a wide range of open-ended photocopiable activities for specified levels of ability. The "Essentials" series will provide support for any scheme of work being used in the school, either as part of structured English sessions or as educationally sound time fillers. This book offers students practice in the skills of extracting relevant information from texts.

Table of Contents

From Poet to Teacher                               6 (1)
How to Use This Book: The You in Us! 7 (3)
Me and My World
Did You Ever Think? 10(2)
Joshua J. 12(1)
When You Can Read 12(2)
Skin 14(2)
All Mine 16(1)
Watch Me! 16(2)
Hands! 18(2)
Bebop Bath 20(2)
Could We Be Friends? 22(2)
Sing Song 24(2)
Truck Tunes 26(2)
Recipe 28(2)
Berry Picking 30(2)
Supermarket Song 32(2)
Magic Words 34(2)
Seasons and Special Days
If I Had a Velvet Jewel Box 36(2)
Haiku: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 38(2)
Things to Do If You Are the Snow 40(1)
Things to Do If You Are the Rain 40(2)
Winter Remedy 42(2)
Spring Is 44(2)
Conversation with a Kite 46(2)
Birthday Cake 48(2)
A Song for Today 50(2)
Let's pretend
Curious Questions 52(2)
Music 54(2)
Shape-Up Song 56(2)
One, Two---Rhymes for You 58(2)
If I Could Be an Astronaut 60(2)
Travel Plans 62(2)
If 64(2)
Colors and Questions 66(2)
Dress-Up 68(2)
A Magic Chant 70(2)
Storyboat 72(2)
Animals, Animals, Animals
A Is for Animals 74(2)
Differences 76(2)
Unfortunately 78(2)
Company 80(2)
Caterpillar 82(2)
Camel Question 84(1)
Llama 84(2)
Advice: How to Choose a Pet 86(2)
Samuel 88(2)
Cat Kisses 90(1)
Cat Tales 90(2)
A Friend 92(1)
Kangaroo 92(2)
Rain Forest Song 94(2)
Poetry Anthologies 96