The Wealth of Nations (Reprint)


The Wealth of Nations (Reprint)

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Introduction by Alan B. Krueger. Edited, with Notes and Marginal Summary, by Edwin Cannan.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       xi
Alan B. Krueger
Introduction and Plan of the Work 1 (6)
BOOK I Of the causes of Improvement in the 7 (342)
productive powers of Labour, and of the Order
according to which its Produce is naturally
distributed among the different Ranks of the
Chapter I Of the Division of Labour 9 (13)
Chapter II Of the Principle which gives 22 (5)
Occasion to the Division of Labour
Chapter III That the Division of Labour is 27 (6)
limited by the Extent of the Market
Chapter IV Of the Origin and Use of Money 33 (10)
Chapter V Of the real and nominal Price of 43 (24)
Commodities, or of their Price in Labour,
and their Price in Money
Chapter VI Of the component Parts of the 67 (11)
Price of Commodities
Chapter VII Of the natural and market Price 78 (13)
of Commodities
Chapter VIII Of the Wages of Labour 91 (31)
Chapter IX Of the Profits of Stock 122 (16)
Chapter X Of Wages and Profit in the 138 (60)
different Employments of Labour and Stock
Part I Inequalities arising from the 139 (25)
Nature of the Employments themselves
Part II Inequalities occasioned by the 164 (34)
Policy of Europe
Chapter XI Of the Rent of Land 198 (151)
Part I Of the Produce of Land which 201 (20)
always affords Rent
Part II Of the Produce of Land which 221 (17)
sometimes does, and sometimes does not,
afford Rent
Part III Of the Variations in the 238 (3)
Proportion between the respective Values
of that Sort of Produce which always
affords Rent, and of that which sometimes
does and sometimes does not afford Rent
Digression concerning the Variations in
the Value of Silver during the Course of
the Four last Centuries
First Period 241 (19)
Second Period 260 (2)
Third Period 262 (24)
Variations in the Proportion between the 286 (8)
respective Values of Gold and Silver
Grounds of the Suspicion that the Value 294 (1)
of Silver still continues to decrease
Different Effects of the Progress of 295 (1)
Improvement upon three different Sorts of
rude Produce
First Sort 296 (2)
Second Sort 298 (11)
Third Sort 309 (13)
Conclusion of the Digression concerning 322 (6)
the Variations in the Value of Silver
Effects of the Progress of Improvement 328 (7)
upon the real Price of Manufactures
Conclusion of the Chapter 335 (14)
BOOK II Of the Nature, Accumulation, and 349 (132)
Employment of Stock INTRODUCTION
Chapter I Of the Division of Stock 353 (10)
Chapter II Of Money considered as a 363 (59)
particular Branch of the general Stock of
the Society, or of the Expence of
maintaining the National Capital
Chapter III Of the Accumulation of Capital, 422 (25)
or of productive and unproductive Labour
Chapter IV Of Stock lent at Interest 447 (11)
Chapter V Of the different Employment of 458 (23)
BOOK III Of the different Progress of
Opulence in different Nations
Chapter I Of the Natural Progress of 481 (7)
Chapter II Of the Discouragement of 488 (16)
Agriculture in the ancient State of Europe
after the Fall of the Roman Empire
Chapter III Of the Rise and Progress of 504 (15)
Cities and Towns after the Fall of the
Roman Empire
Chapter IV How the Commerce of the Towns 519 (18)
contributed to the Improvement of the
BOOK IV Of Systems of political Economy 537 (342)
Chapter I Of the Principle of the 539 (29)
commercial or mercantile System
Chapter II Of Restraints upon the 568 (26)
Importation from foreign Countries of such
Goods as can be produced at Home
Chapter III Of the extraordinary Restraints 594 (34)
upon the Importation of Goods of almost all
Kinds, from those Countries with which the
Balance is supposed to be disadvantageous
Part I Of the Unreasonableness of those 594 (8)
Restraints even upon the Principles of
the Commercial System
Digression concerning Banks of Deposit, 602 (12)
particularly concerning that of Amsterdam
Part II Of the Unreasonableness of those 614 (14)
extraordinary Restraints upon other
Chapter IV Of Drawbacks 628 (8)
Chapter V Of Bounties 636 (52)
Digression concerning the Corn Trade and 660 (28)
Corn Laws
Chapter VI Of Treaties of Commerce 688 (16)
Chapter VII Of Colonies 704 (111)
Part I Of the Motives for establishing 704 (11)
new Colonies
Part II Causes of the Prosperity of New 715 (34)
Part III Of the Advantages which Europe 749 (66)
has derived from the Discovery of
America, and from that of a Passage to
the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope
Chapter VIII Conclusion of the Mercantile 815 (27)
Chapter IX Of the Agricultural Systems, or 842 (37)
of those Systems of Political (Economy,
which represent the Produce of Land as
either the sole or the principal Source of
the Revenue and Wealth of every Country
BOOK V Of the Revenue of the Sovereign or
Chapter I Of the Expences of the Sovereign 879 (153)
or Commonwealth
Part I Of the Expence of Defence 879 (22)
Part II Of the Expence of Justice 901 (15)
Part III Of the Expence of public Works 916 (1)
and public Institutions
Article 1st Of the public Works and
Institutions for facilitating the
Commerce of Society
1st, For facilitating the general 917 (11)
Commerce of the Society
2dly, For facilitating particular 928 (34)
Branches of Commerce
Article 2d Of the Expence of the 962 (33)
Institutions for the Education of Youth
Article 3d Of the Expence of the 995 (34)
Institutions for the Instruction of
People of all Ages
Part IV Of the Expence of supporting the 1029(1)
Dignity of the Sovereign
Conclusion of the Chapter 1029(3)
Chapter II Of the Sources of the general or 1032(54)
public Revenue of the Society
Part I Of the Funds or Sources of Revenue 1032(10)
which may peculiarly belong to the
Sovereign or Commonwealth
Part II Of Taxes 1042(4)
Article 1st Taxes upon Rent; Taxes upon 1046(25)
the Rent of Land
Taxes which are proportioned, not to 1057(5)
the Rent, but to the Produce of Land
Taxes upon the Rent of Houses 1062(9)
Article 2d Taxes upon Profit, or upon the 1071(15)
Revenue arising from Stock
Taxes upon the Profit of particular 1078(8)
Taxes upon the Capital Value of Lands, 1086(8)
Houses, and Stock
Article 3d Taxes upon the Wages of Labour 1094(5)
Article 4th Taxes which, it is intended, 1099(1)
should fall indifferently upon every
different Species of Revenue
Capitation Taxes 1099(3)
Taxes upon consumable Commodities 1102(51)
Chapter III Of public Debts 1153(56)
Appendix on the Herring Bounty 1209