Philip's Science & Technology : People, Dates & Events

Philip's Science & Technology : People, Dates & Events

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Full Description

It's been a long trip from 10,000 BCE, when humans domesticated dogs, to the present day when geneticists successfully cloned sheep and physicists produced an atom laser beam. The development of science and technology has altered almost every aspect of the way we live. Trace those amazing changes in more than 200 pages of timecharts that summarize the decisive moments in astronomy and space, biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, communications, transport, engineering, and food and farming. 250 color illustrations, including photographs, diagrams, and technological cross-sections capture the results of this explosion of knowledge. 100 tables list the principal properties of chemical elements alongside the date of their discovery, and 1,000 biographies of international scientists and inventors provide a stirring testimony to human ingenuity and inventiveness.

Table of Contents

  Chronology                                       2  (239)
Biographies 239(56)
Index 295