Numerical Analysis, International Edition -- Paperback / softback (9 ed)

Numerical Analysis, International Edition -- Paperback / softback (9 ed)

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Full Description

This well-respected text gives an introduction to the modern approximation techniques and explains how, why, and when the techniques can be expected to work. The authors focus on building students' intuition to help them understand why the techniques presented work in general, and why, in some situations, they fail. With a wealth of examples and exercises, the text demonstrates the relevance of numerical analysis to a variety of disciplines and provides ample practice for students. The applications chosen demonstrate concisely how numerical methods can be, and often must be, applied in real-life situations. In this edition, the presentation has been fine-tuned to make the book even more useful to the instructor and more interesting to the reader. Overall, students gain a theoretical understanding of, and a firm basis for future study of, numerical analysis and scientific computing. A more applied text with a different menu of topics is the authors' highly regarded NUMERICAL METHODS, Third Edition.


1. MATHEMATICAL PRELIMINARIES AND ERROR ANALYSIS.Review of Calculus. Round-off Errors and Computer Arithmetic. Algorithms and Convergence. Numerical Software.The Bisection Method. Fixed-Point Iteration. Newton's Method and its Extensions. Error Analysis for Iterative Methods. Accelerating Convergence. Zeros of Polynomials and Muller's Method. Survey of Methods and Software.3. INTERPOLATION AND POLYNOMIAL APPROXIMATION.Interpolation and the Lagrange Polynomial. Data Approximation and Neville's Method Divided Differences. Hermite Interpolation. Cubic Spline Interpolation. Parametric Curves. Survey of Methods and Software.4. NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION AND INTEGRATION.Numerical Differentiation. Richardson's Extrapolation. Elements of Numerical Integration. Composite Numerical Integration. Romberg Integration. Adaptive Quadrature Methods. Gaussian Quadrature. Multiple Integrals. Improper Integrals. Survey of Methods and Software.5. INITIAL-VALUE PROBLEMS FOR ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS.The Elementary Theory of Initial-Value Problems. Euler's Method. Higher-Order Taylor Methods. Runge-Kutta Methods. Error Control and the Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg Method. Multistep Methods. Variable Step-Size Multistep Methods. Extrapolation Methods. Higher-Order Equations and Systems of Differential Equations. Stability. Stiff Differential Equations. Survey of Methods and Software.6. DIRECT METHODS FOR SOLVING LINEAR SYSTEMS.Linear Systems of Equations. Pivoting Strategies. Linear Algebra and Matrix Inversion. The Determinant of a Matrix. Matrix Factorization. Special Types of Matrices. Survey of Methods and Software.Norms of Vectors and Matrices. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. The Jacobi and Gauss-Siedel Iterative Techniques. Iterative Techniques for Solving Linear Systems. Relaxation Techniques for Solving Linear Systems. Error Bounds and Iterative Refinement. The Conjugate Gradient Method. Survey of Methods and Software.8. APPROXIMATION THEORY.Discrete Least Squares Approximation. Orthogonal Polynomials and Least Squares Approximation. Chebyshev Polynomials and Economization of Power Series. Rational Function Approximation. Trigonometric Polynomial Approximation. Fast Fourier Transforms. Survey of Methods and Software.9. APPROXIMATING EIGENVALUES.Linear Algebra and Eigenvalues. Orthogonal Matrices and Similarity Transformations. The Power Method. Householder's Method.The QR Algorithm.Singular Value Decomposition. Survey of Methods and Software.Fixed Points for Functions of Several Variables. Newton's Method. Quasi-Newton Methods. Steepest Descent Techniques. Homotopy and Continuation Methods. Survey of Methods and Software.11. BOUNDARY-VALUE PROBLEMS FOR ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS.The Linear Shooting Method. The Shooting Method for Nonlinear Problems. Finite-Difference Methods for Linear Problems. Finite-Difference Methods for Nonlinear Problems. The Rayleigh-Ritz Method. Survey of Methods and Software.Elliptic Partial-Differential Equations. Parabolic Partial-Differential Equations. Hyperbolic Partial-Differential Equations. An Introduction to the Finite-Element Method. Survey of Methods and Software.