Naval Blockades in Peace and War : An Economic History since 1750 (1ST)

Naval Blockades in Peace and War : An Economic History since 1750 (1ST)

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A number of major blockades, including the Continental System in the Napoleonic Wars, the War of 1812, the American Civil War, and World Wars I and II, in addition to the increased use of peacetime blockades and sanctions with the hope of avoiding war, are examined in this book. The impact of technology and organizational changes on the nature of blockades and their effectiveness as military measures are discussed. Legal, economic, and political questions are explored to understand the various constraints upon belligerent behavior. The analysis draw upon the extensive amount of quantitative material available from military publications.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
1 Introduction: "Thou Shalt Not Pass" 1
2 Britain, France, and Napoleon's Continental 25
3 United States versus Great Britain, 1776-1815 53
4 The North Blockades the Confederacy, 1861-1865 109
5 International Law and Naval Blockades during 159
World War I: Britain, Germany, and the United
States: Traditional Strategies versus the
6 Legal and Economic Aspects of Naval 239
Blockades: The United States, Great Britain,
and Germany in World War II
7 The American Submarine and Aerial Mine 321
Blockade of the Japanese Home Islands, 1941-1945
8 Blockades without War: From Pacific Blockades 383
to Sanctions
9 Blockades, War, and International Law: What 417
It All Means
Conclusion 427
Index 429