A History of Inner Asia


A History of Inner Asia

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Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2000.

Full Description

Svat Soucek's book offers a short and accessible introduction to the history of Inner Asia. The narrative, which begins with the arrival of Islam, charts the rise and fall of the different dynasties right up to the Russian conquest. Dynastic tables and maps augment and elucidate the text. The contemporary focus rests on the seven countries which make up the core of present-day Eurasia, that is Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Sinkiang and Mongolia. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, renewed interest in these countries has prompted considerable political, cultural, economic and religious debate. While a divergent literature has evolved in consequence, no comprehensive survey of the region has been attempted. Soucek's history promises to fill this gap and to become an indispensable source of information for anyone studying or visiting the region.

Table of Contents

        List of maps                               vii
Preface ix
Introduction 1 (45)
The beginnings 46 (5)
The Kok Turks, the Chinese expansion, and the 51 (19)
Arab conquest
The Samanids 70 (7)
The Uighur kingdom of Qocho 77 (6)
The Qarakhanids 83 (10)
Seljukids and Ghaznavids 93 (10)
The conquering Mongols 103(14)
The Chaghatayids 117(6)
Timur and the Timurids 123(21)
The last Timurids and the first Uzbeks 144(5)
The Shaybanids 149(13)
The rise of Russia, the fall of the Golden 162(5)
Horde, and the resilient Chaghatayids
The Buddhist Mongols 167(10)
Bukhara, Khiva, and Khoqand in the 177(18)
seventeenth to nineteenth centuries
The Russian conquest and rule of Central Asia 195(14)
From Governorates-General to Union Republics 209(16)
Soviet Central Asia 225(29)
Central Asia becomes independent 254(9)
Sinkiang as part of China 263(12)
Independent Central Asian Republics 275(22)
The Republic of Mongolia 297(19)
Summary and conclusion 303(13)
Appendix 1: Dynastic tables 316(14)
Appendix 2: Country data 330(11)
Select bibliography 341(19)
Index 360